People often say that kids know when their mothers are pregnant. This is the reason why they act out or become super clingy. I am inclined to believe this because of my own experience….

Now that I was done with my exams, I was facing the harsh reality of being 6 months pregnant and taking care of a 9 month old full time. My mother had been helping me but was now out of the country. Fortunately, my mother- in -law was also back in Ghana so she was helping me out.

Because of how heavy I was also getting, bathing DJ was slowly becoming an impossible task. He could stand on his own now but couldn’t walk just yet. Unfortunately for me, he wanted to stand everywhere he was, including his tub. I would sit him down to bath and a few seconds later, he was up. So Kobby took over bath time and I could finally enjoy some well deserved rest.
Carrying was another headache. He had become so strong and definitely too heavy for me to carry but was still insisting I carry him any chance I got. He would cry when I refused to and I would go ahead and do it against my better judgment.
Changing his diaper was another nightmare. He kicked my belly several times and at a point, I was convinced he had even harmed the baby. I liked to leave my belly out a lot when I was home. 1. Because I was scratching it half of the time and 2. It was very soothing. DJ would always look at it curiously probably wondering what exactly was in there. He was also very fascinated by my belly button which had now popped out. I should’ve seen it coming when he finally pulled it one day. I was left in excruciating pain!


This time around I was very fatigued but still couldn’t rest as much as I would’ve liked to. DJ was wearing me out, the pregnancy was wearing me out and I still had a million other things to do. It was tough. I had venue reviews for the October wedding I was planning, a bridal shower in September and another bridal shower happening in August. I had also started planning DJ’s first birthday as well as my baby sprinkle. I wanted to plan early so that it was easier for me closer to the time when I didn’t have that much energy.

Kobby and I had also been wondering what to name our second baby. DJ( David Paapa Kojo Quagraine) was named after Kobby, hence David Junior. Kobby’s dad is also David (everyone calls him Dave) so it was a nice continuation. We both wanted a nice simple biblical name for the baby which wouldn’t be a mouthful for Ghanaian teachers to pronounce- they do tend to mispronounce names a lot and it gets stuck. That’s my worse nightmare.
One day, Kobby asked me “What do you think about the name Andrew? We can even call him Drew at home so that we continue the D tradition.” I instantly loved the idea and the name. Andrew is the first disciple of Jesus. I googled what the name meant and it read ” manly” “strong”. We had been through atleast 30 names that I didn’t like at all but this one was perfect. “DJ and Drew! I love it!” I squealed.

Now that we had finally settled on a name, I just needed to find the strength for my upcoming events. People still had no idea I was pregnant but they were about to find out and I couldn’t wait to see their reactions. I knew no one thought I was crazy enough to have a baby after I had LITERALLY just had one a few months ago. Besides, from the angles I was taking my photos, you really couldn’t tell so this was going to be interesting…

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  1. Oh yeah! You surprised us all. I had to double check if everything I was seeing on the instagram post was right! Maybe it was DJ s maternity shoot n you were playing with our minds. Haahaha congrats again

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