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7 Basic things to know before getting pregnant.

written by Trish Quansah May 19, 2021
7 Basic things to know before getting pregnant.

Are you healthy ?
First of all just think about it, how can you create another human being If you are not in good shape? To have a healthy baby ,you must first be healthy. The joy of bringing a child into the world is a miracle that can only be felt and understood when you experience it.
Thus from my experience, I deem it wise and safe for potential mothers to have a general evaluation (checkup) in order to be well prepared before putting yourself in the “mummy mode”.
Nevertheless, some of us find ourselves in the situation where a pregnancy was unexpected or unplanned. It’s not too late either, once you find out you are expecting just make sure to visit your doctor and begin your antenatal sessions right away.

The following below are some useful things to consider :

1.High blood pressure
What is my blood pressure, is it low, high,stable?
High blood pressure(HBP) during pregnancy puts both babies and mothers in a risky condition medically known as Preeclampsia.
Knowing your blood pressure range before getting pregnant can help you treat, manage and consequently avoid this condition which can severely harm you and your baby. It can also help you prepare for any complication that may arise during the pregnancy if you already have it or end up contracting it.

2. Sickle cell status
Sickle cell is a genetic condition that potential parents (mother & father) can pass onto their babies. This hereditary condition causes many health issues and illnesses to the child their entire life as it is incurable and permanent. Testing to know your status before becoming pregnant can help you avoid the complication of having a sickle cell positive baby or it can help you to prepare for caring for a child with this condition.
Most couples have this test done before getting married and therefore are able to make the best decision for their future.

3. HIV/ AIDS  status
HIV/AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease that is currently incurable. The disease which is a virus can be transferred to a baby whose mother is infected. Knowing where you stand with this disease, helps prevent having an HIV positive baby. Most hospitals will have you do this test among others once you report that you are pregnant.
However,if you should find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you are infected and pregnant,do well to notify your doctor as the transmission of the disease to your baby can be prevented by medical advancements during delivery.

4. Overweight/Obesity
Being overweight in pregnancy can be very dangerous for both mother and baby. The condition exposes the mother to several complications like Preeclampsia (HBP), Gestational Diabetes, organ disfunction and also having a big baby which sometimes results in delivering by a caesarian section.
The most common way to know if you are overweight is to check your Body Mass Index(BMI).
By knowing all this, one can begin a regime of eating well and exercising to lose weight and become healthy before getting pregnant.
Note that preeclampsia is not only limited to overweight people, it just increases their chances of getting it. Average weighted people can have it as well due to many conditions that they already have or that may crop up during pregnancy.

Once you decide you are ready to have a baby, it is advisable  to start taking prenatal vitamins which would be prescribed by your Doctor or Gynaecologist. It is always expedient not to self medicate especially during pregnancy.
Taking prenatal vitamins boosts your system and prepares it for the heavy work of pregnancy that is to come. In addition you can start eating healthy, focusing on iron rich foods like banana and leafy green vegetables like kontomire.

It is worth knowing that you cannot just take any drug/medicine when you are pregnant as some may not be healthy for you and your baby. The correct and safe thing to do is visit your doctor and let him prescribe what medication to be on.

6.Family Diseases
At your first or second antenatal visit, your doctor may ask you about any history of family diseases. It is essential to find out what diseases and conditions run in your family so that you and your unborn baby can be protected from any future complications. Some of these diseases may include Diabetes, High blood pressure, genetic disorders like sickle cell etc. which you may have and can pass onto your unborn baby.

7.Are you ready?
Finally, take a deep breathe and ask yourself if you are ready for this lifetime commitment of bringing a child into the world. This is a decision for both you and your partner,keep him involved from day one. Know that raising a child is not an easy task. Ask yourself (and your partner as well), Am I/we ready to set myself/ourselves aside to totally care for another human being? Because your baby right from birth till they are old enough,would be totally dependent on you for all his needs; physically, financially, emotionally and so on.

Now, once you know all this, and oh trust me there is more to know, l can assure you that you will be beaming with smiles and joy when your baby arrives.
Note that I have only outlined the major things l learnt as a new mum on what to know before becoming pregnant.The best thing to do is to see your doctor as soon as you discover you are pregnant.

Remember that having a baby is a life time commitment and as such you would want it to be a happy one. Making sure you have a healthy pregnancy and baby goes a long way in cementing your happiness in the journey of parenthood. A sick and unhealthy child would result in more stress and pain not just for you but also for that innocent baby you are going to bring forth.

No matter how much we prepare, there are certain situations we may never forsee or even succeed in controlling but one thing I know for sure is once you are prepared it’s much easier to overcome and face any challenge!!!

NB: This post is devoted to sharing tips and guides on my experience as a new mum, what I have learnt and continue to learn. It does not in any manner replace the significance of seeking your doctor’s advice and care once you discover you are pregnant.

Trisha Quansah

Mom Blogger : https://trishjustmeandmybaby.wordpress.com/

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