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written by Bernice November 9, 2020

My name is Bernice Serwaa Vonde and the CEO of Bennysorganics. I have 4 beautiful girls.

It all started in 2017 when I was working for a reputable company and after 3 months of working, I became pregnant again with my fourth born. It wasn’t easy for me because I was always feeling sick and weak. One afternoon, I was called to my manager’s office, he handed me my termination letter because they couldn’t work with me since I was pregant.

I felt like the earth should open up and swallow me up instantly. I cried and cried and refused to eat that night. After some days, I realized maybe God was taking me from something bad and in all things we should give glory to God. I started realizing that is not the end of it, so I put my petition to God and trusted he will not fail me. One day, my husband asked me what I really wanted to do and I told him I wanted a makeup and nails studio. He didn’t say anything and as a husband will support his wife, he did everything from getting a shop, buying items etc. I give glory to God Almighty, I was so shocked within 2 months of being sacked I could own a shop. In fact, it made me forgot about what happened. I could now make enough time for my kids unlike before when I had to wake up very early and come late.  

 Fast forward, I heard the news about my former employers that the company has collapsed and everybody had been sacked on the radio. I couldn’t sit or stand, all I was saying was

“Thank you God. Only You knew what You were doing.” Then calls started coming in about how lucky I was that I had something doing. So in March before the lockdown, I went to the market to buy our own black soap (Alata Samina) and mixed it with other natural ingredients and essential oils but that was my first time trying it so I came home mixed it and the whole family started using it after the lockdown. A friend saw me and asked what I was using on my body and I told her it was black soap. She commented on my glowy skin and how beautiful I looked and eventually, other people started asking me what cream I use. I decided to start researching more about soap making, so I started to mix some and see if people will love it and the response was positive. Since then, I make black soap, body butter, face cream, all organic . No bleaching. It has not been easy but with determination and hard work, we are breaking through.

I now have enough time for my kids and they are happy. I am a happy mom now

  My Instagram account is @bennysorganicsgh 

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