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written by Eno October 29, 2019

On the 30th of September, I went for my 6 week review after my surgery. I was told I had healed nicely and everything was fine. My gynecologist discussed birth control options with me and this time, I decided to give it a shot. As I previously mentioned in an earlier blog post, I had never been on any form of contraception.

He told me because I had already had an ectopic pregnancy, he wouldn’t advise IUD. Please note, IUD does NOT cause ectopic pregnancies and chances of getting pregnant with an IUD are low/rare. It is a perfectly good birth control option. However, if you do get pregnant with an IUD in place, it’s more likely to be an ectopic. I have also mentioned that a cousin’s wife got a copper IUD, got pregnant some months later and suffered an ectopic. She already had 3 kids but losing her baby that way was tragic. I was young but I still remember it so vividly. So I couldn’t risk it especially knowing that my chances of having a second ectopic is higher than one who hasn’t had it at all. It is also good to note that you can have an ectopic and still have a perfectly normal pregnancy with one tube after. It happens all the time you just have to be cautious of the kind of birth control you choose. So he told me all the options and strongly advised I go with the implant. I set up an appointment to have it done on Wednesday 2nd October ( a day before my birthday)

As I drove home, I called Kobby to ask him what he thought and of course he was on board. I called my mother too but unfortunately because of her experience with injectables ( inability to bend her knees for years and a delay in childbirth for a while) she was rightfully scared. I assured her, I would be fine and that the doctor seemed certain about his choice.

The next day, 1st October, I woke up scared and decided against going.

“What if my body reacts negatively to it?” I thought.

He told me I would experience headache the first few days and also mentioned that some women complain of weight gain but I should be fine if I exercise regularly. Hmmm.

The next 24 hours, I distracted myself with work, planning two weddings and a bridal shower I had coming up and rentals I had that weekend. I wasn’t doing anything special for my birthday this year. I just wanted to eat my 3to , cut my cake and call it a day. Did I mention, that day was also our wedding anniversary ? It was a weekday and Kobby had work so all celebration had been moved to the weekend.

2nd October arrived quicker than I wanted it to. My appointment was at 3pm and I suddenly had so many rounds to make. Maybe it was a delay tactic, who knows? Lol. So I called the hospital at 3 to ask if I could reschedule because I was late and it would take an hour and a half to get there.

“ Oh you can come. Doc is still in.”

Shoot! I decided to make the drive. I drove really slow and ended up being two whole hours late. On my way, I spoke to two people I knew who had the implant and they both assured me they were fine. I had to wait a bit at the reception and then I was asked to go in. My gynaecologist met me and told me he was on his way out so he would have a midwife do it for me.

“Oh no Doc, if you won’t be able to then I’ll have to come back another time when you’re available. You recommended this so I don’t want anyone to do this.”

He laughed and agreed .

“Would you want the one for 3 years or 5 years?”
“3 years please” I answered
“Don’t worry, you can take it out anytime you’re ready to have children and unlike the others, with this, you can get pregnant almost immediately.”

He asked one of the nurses to prepare a room for me and I was sent in there. I was asked to lie down on the bed with my left palm underneath my head so he could have easy access under my arm. He injected my arm with an anaesthesia and waited a few minutes. During the wait, he showed me the implant ( Implanon) and asked me to read the literature in it when I get the chance.

“There is a lot of misinformation online so kindly read this leaflet for all the information you need”

He pulled out the implant from its wrapper which I can only describe as long matchstick. He made a small incision in my arm and then inserted it in. I couldn’t bear to look at it so I looked away as it was inserted but obviously I felt zero pain because of the anaesthesia. It took less than a minute and then he sealed the opening with a plaster. That was it.

“So that’s it? I’m done?”
“ Yes that’s it” he laughed.
“ There will be a bit of bruising or darkening around the cut but that should clear up within a few days. If you do experience extreme headache today, just take paracetamol and you should be fine. You should also avoid sex and lifting heavy items these first three days After that, you have nothing to worry about.”

I left the hospital feeling very positive. The positivity was rudely interrupted when I suddenly started to have a headache on my way home. I decided not to take any pain killers. I picked up the nanny and the kids from my parent’s and we went straight home. We bathed and got them ready for bed ( since they had already eaten, Drew got his night bottle though). I called my mom to brief her since I could tell she was dying for information earlier when I picked them up. I assured her it went well and went to bed.
The next day was my birthday and my headache had cleared! What a present and a relief.  The day was celebrated at my parent’s as usual with my mother’s legendary 3to with all kinds of protein. Drew decided to fall asleep during cake cutting so I cut with just DJ since he was more excited to hold the knife.

All the days that followed have been fine. I did see a bit of bruising after a few days which went away within a week. I can also use my arm normally, I can carry the kids, etc, We went to the beach over the weekend and I was perfectly okay.

If I rub that portion, I can feel the implant but it doesn’t feel weird. I even forget it’s there. It’s been almost a month now and I can say I haven’t bled or been hormonal or had headaches or any effect on my libido. Believe it or not, I naturally don’t have a crazy high libido anyway so I thought it was going to get worse ( if that’s even possible) but fortunately it hasn’t . I do have more of an appetite now but I’m trying to go back to exercising regularly. I put on weight after my surgery so I wouldn’t blame my present weight on the implant especially when I haven’t gained any extra after it. So in conclusion, so far so good. I’m a month in so hopefully it remains this way.  Below is my arm with the barely visible cut.

With contraception, it’s not a one size fits all. It’s scary because you have no idea how your body will react to it. I would’ve recommended this to everyone because of my positive experience but I do know people who have also had a terrible experience with implants and have had it taken out. I also know people who swear by the other options and people who don’t. If we all had our way, trust me, we would avoid all these and live a problem free life but sometimes when all else have failed, you are left with no choice.  So far, I’m happy with my decision.

Let me just use this opportunity to say that this new doctor (who administered the implant and performed my surgery) is one of the best gynaecologists I have ever met. My gynaecologist at Lister is also very good but this one stands out. He is extremely good at what he does ( other doctors have confirmed it , hence the reason my other doctor referred me to him for my surgery. He’s her personal gynaecologist and she raves about him all the time) . He walks you through every process and takes his time to explain. I always have a million questions and he answers them all. He’s extremely patient and down to earth and I would recommend him any day. For privacy reasons, I won’t be able to mention his name here but if you are desperately in need of a good gynaecologist or having certain issues you need clear explanation on, send me a dm on my Instagram page @talkative_mom or an email eno@talkativemom.com and I’ll send you details.

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Nkansa October 29, 2019 - 2:27 pm

If only ‘they’ would just get a vasectomy, we would not have to suffer for everything!

BENEDICTA October 30, 2019 - 1:05 am

Amazing!!! A little advice for us all….do not take ampicillin whiles on any contraceptive because it reduces its effect and an unwanted pregnancy can you occur. All the best!

Eno January 10, 2020 - 6:32 am

Thanks and well noted!

adwoa February 20, 2020 - 8:06 pm

You can not avoid taking antibiotics if u really need it. Your partner has to use a condom or the pull out method during the time you are taking the antibiotics.

I enjoy reading your blogs!

Eno March 27, 2020 - 12:58 am


Naana Akua Agyeiwaa July 15, 2020 - 5:01 pm

Eno to tell you I enjoyed this post would be an understatement, before this post ,I was confused and scared about family planning because of all the stories I have heard ,I’m already struggling to loose weight so to think that birth controls can make more fat ,I just couldn’t butafterbthis read im a bit at ease .Out of no where ,I just had my 3rd child a month now (3babies below 5years ,I will be going for a birth control on our 6weeks appointment.Thanks alot for this post.

Eno July 17, 2020 - 2:51 pm

Aww glad I could help! All the best mama! You’ll be fine

Rosie Khan October 30, 2019 - 10:06 am

Congrats Eno. lol. you finally had the courage to do this…thank you for sharing your experiences with us. You’ve proved that despite one’s bad experiences towards a particular thing we don’t always have to conclude but rather we can use that to advise ourselves and make informed decisions .

Aisha November 28, 2019 - 10:15 pm

I love the fact that you said everyone was different…I used to take shots (depo) cos I wasn’t ready after baby…what I went through was hell…the back pain…weight gain I’m still working on…abdominal pain and affected my libido and this is something I was told will be just fine for me…I decided to switch to the IUD and it has been perfect! I feel wonderful and mind you…I never saw my period while on depo till I started using the IUD now I’m back to normal and I’m glad…women should find what’s perfect for their bodies…

Eno January 10, 2020 - 6:31 am

I couldn’t agree more


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