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written by Edem Torkornoo September 9, 2020

At Booksie, we LOVE storybooks that introduce African children around the world to characters and heroes who look like them. We are a pan-African book subscription service, online bookshop and book club for 3-12-year-olds. 

Our goal is to make it super easy for people to find African children’s books and to help children fall in love with books. We do this in three ways:

  1. My Booksie Box

Each month, we select two or three age-appropriate books for three age groups (3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 years) and send them to our subscribers through a subscription service called My Booksie Box

Subscribers are able to choose the duration of their subscription (3 months, 6 months, 1 year) and are able to choose the frequency with which they want to receive books (monthly or quarterly).

With the subscription service, you won’t know the books you will receive in advance because it comes with an element of surprise. Our subscribers trust us to send them the best high quality, culturally relevant books that keep children engrossed while entertaining and teaching them. 

  1. Online Bookshop 

We also have an online bookshop for those who don’t want to commit to a subscription plan or want the ability to select their own book titles. You will find books categorised by age as well as African jigsaw puzzles and activity books in the online bookshop.

  1. Booksie Book Club

Booksie is committed to nurturing lifelong confident readers through our Book Club and Learn to Read© literacy programme.

Prior to Covid-19, our Book Club hosted authors and guest readers for Storytime once a month. Storytime now happens virtually on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.

Here authors or guest readers read books they have written to our community over a virtual platform. The reading is followed by a book-related activity. We also host Drawing Lessons with a partner organisation on the last Saturday of the month.

During the week we run our Learn to Read© literacy programme. Beginning readers are taught to read, reluctant readers are helped to improve their reading proficiency and advanced readers discuss books they’ve read together and become better writers.

Our Reading Centre in North Ridge also doubles as a childcare centre for parents who need some childcare after school and on the weekends. We have been closed since the CoronaVirus pandemic hit but will be opening our doors again on Monday, September 14. 

Parents can bring their children over for reading lessons and supervised online school while they are at work. They can also participate in the Virtual Book Club or Virtual Storytime from the comfort of their homes.

Booksie was started as a love letter to African children around the world. The letter continues to write itself as we have grown to become a community for young book lovers, readers and African children’s literature enthusiasts. If we are able to help children read and recognise their experiences in the literature they consume, we would have done our jobs. We welcome you to discover amazing African children’s books and find your next African hero at Booksie. 

Where to find us:

  1. Website: www.mybooksiebox.com
  2. Physical address: 42 Dr Isert St, North Ridge, Accra. We are on the same street as Alisa Hotel
  3. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @mybooksiebox
  4. Sign up for reading lessons or book club discussions: https://www.mybooksiebox.com/booksies-virtual-book-club2/
  5. Sign up for the monthly Storytime activities: https://www.mybooksiebox.com/booksie-storytime/ 

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