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written by Araba September 14, 2020

My name is Araba of Busybrains – an online kids shop on Instagram and Facebook. I’m an HR professional and a mother to two adorable kids. 
Let me start by applauding all the working Mamas…I don’t even know how we do it?? I just know we get it done at the end of the day.

Pure unrefined joy is what I used to describe the day I became a mother. It was such a seraphic moment for me.
Then came the roller coaster ride of juggling work with parenting…whew it is tough!! In my case, my mum is equally busy because of the 2 businesses she manages plus she is also a formal worker. And on top of everything, she is not even in Accra. Sometimes, I could only get her to come in to assist for a few days to a week. She also takes her full annual leave whenever I’m having a baby just to help me out. So mostly finding spare time for us is equally tough on her! I appreciate and love her so much for all her sacrifices.
I really struggled with my first child. We had to put him through school at 8months. I had to look for a school very close to my workplace just to check on him every now and then till I close from work. He was catching a cold almost every other week ( as for school stories, it’s for another day)
There are times the school goes on midterm and vacation breaks which only meant I have to exhaust all my annual leave, which is only 20 working days for a year. Blessed enough, my husband is a business owner so he would step in (that is if he is even in the country) by working from home just to take care of him for a couple of days.

So with our second, after exhausting all my leave, (both maternity and annual) I wanted to take a few months off without pay ( yes my company was willing to do that for me) then came my saviour!! Haha haha …Covid19 brought us disguised blessings after all. So now I’m working from home till further notice, which is much much better for me.

The birth of Busybrains actually came while I was on bed rest with my second baby. For some years now, I have been shipping a lot of stuff for our personal use. Then it occurred to me … I shop on IG most of the time because of convenience but I haven’t seen any kids shop that deals solely in kids activity-based toys, games and others that actually engage the little ones and subsequently helps with their developmental skills. So I decided to give it a shot. I said to myself if this idea flies, I can comfortably put a hold on working 8-5, that way, I can take care of my youngest while growing a business.

Hey who said you can’t have them both? The vision for me is to continue with my career and run a business or two. Everybody needs that extra income!
So far, I haven’t regretted! It’s very tough, trust me. Being a wife, mother, career woman and an entrepreneur is very hard and draining. There are times I have to stay up late to design and schedule my post for the next day. I have a graphic designing background too so I love creating my own designs and it saves me some bucks as well. My days are equally packed with chores, email responses, scheduling of deliveries, attending zoom meetings etc.
I’m a very passionate and committed person and I firmly believe in hard work! As my Dad always says, there are no shortcuts to success!!

I will want to take this opportunity to appreciate you, Eno. You are an exceptional soul and I’m grateful for the support. You did only one review for me and it brought me followers and sales. I don’t know you personally but I have been admiring you and your family for a very long time now (through Ekow Akorful’s photos, he took our wedding pics too). Thank you so so much for all that you do for me and others. God bless you immensely.
To every woman or mum reading this. I want this to as much as possible “vim you up”!!. Yes, it’s hard, tough, unthinkable, impossible, rough and everything in between, but it is still doable!!!!
If you think about how tough the journey will be, you will never be able to accomplish anything you will be proud of. We made it through pregnancy and childbirth, we can do this!

Kindly support my business in any way you can by following me on

IG: @busybrains_gh

Facebook: Busybrains

Liking/commenting on my posts, sharing my page and yes by purchasing!!:) 
Thank you.

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Nkansa September 14, 2020 - 11:09 am

This spoke to me !

Eno September 21, 2020 - 8:50 am

Then you must do it


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