Learning through Play

Play is the best medium of expression for your Littles and the best form of play is unstructured, open ended and one that employs the imagination and creativity of the child. For younger children, the traditional for way of teaching that we are used to doesn’t always work. The best forms of learning for younger […]

Nutritional Advice 101

“I drink slim tea and cayenne pepper.”  “I go a whole day without eating, eat the next day and repeat the cycle.”   “I drink only detox water” * mind you there’s nothing such as detox water, the body has its own way of detoxing*  “I do a lot of Instagram healthy eating challenges”. I […]

What do hunger cues look like? Is my baby hungry or tired?

Feeding on demand was a very confusing concept for me. I knew that this was important to not only establish my supply but also because the only person who could tell me that my baby was hungry was my baby. But my baby couldn’t say “I am hungry” so how was I supposed to feed […]

What does pregnancy and parenting have to do with mental health anyway?

Pretty much everything if you ask us… Why?  Because preparing for a baby is an exciting time however it can also be challenging with our hormones and emotions playing “topsy turvy” at times.  And when baby comes, the many feelings (anxiety, self-doubt, shame, depression etc. ) we may encounter have everything to do with our […]

Pregnant with twins! Yikes!

New year’s day, at breakfast with the whole family, we were each asked to say what our goals were for 2018. For my husband and I, we had finally psyched our mind for another baby because our daughter was a handful (another story for another post), so that’s what we said we wanted. In my […]

13 Really Awful Things About Pregnancy.

Before I became a mom, I thought, I’d  have a “chill” pregnancy! Pregnancy as showcased by Beyonce or Kim Kardashian.I was certain I’d wear high heels, makeup and rock my bump! Why didn’t anyone tell me my nose would grow bigger, my complexion darker and I would forget completely about my high heels. Till date, […]

How to wean from night feeds in three simple steps.

Every new mom is told about keeping a feeding cycle – feed your baby every two hours or on demand and that includes night feeds. But then, you get to that point when you want some few hours of uninterrupted sleep, am I right? For me, that was my cue to wean my baby from night feeds. […]

Babies, Family and Finances.

Babies, Family & Finances Now that you are pregnant its time to think about your finances!This factor is usually to be considered before getting pregnant but unfortunately we some how skip it especially in the case of unexpected pregnancies. If you are a millionaire then guess you are safe. All you need is the knowledge […]

7 Basic things to know before getting pregnant.

Are you healthy ?First of all just think about it, how can you create another human being If you are not in good shape? To have a healthy baby ,you must first be healthy. The joy of bringing a child into the world is a miracle that can only be felt and understood when you […]

Exclusive Pumping

Of the many things first time mothers daydream about, pumping breast milk is not one of them, at least not on the priority list. And to be honest I didn’t even know it was a thing until a few friends had given birth. I never thought pumping would be necessary until I got back to […]