Help! My water broke

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, I woke up worried about DJ’s party which was happening the next day. The party was on a Friday and most parents had to go to work and their kids had school. I had invited a couple of friends with kids, Kobby’s nephews and nieces as well as mine. A few […]

Baby Sprinkle

“A baby sprinkle is just like a baby shower but scaled down. If mom is on her second, third (or fourth) child, consider throwing her a baby sprinkle instead of a full blown baby shower. Although traditional baby shower etiquette calls for showering the first child only, the mom-to-be may want to celebrate each birth. If so, […]

The Big Reveal

On my birthday, 3rd October, I woke up very excited. Honestly, this was nothing new, I am alwayyyyysss excited on my birthday but this was a bit different. I was finally going to “reveal” my pregnancy to everyone. As usual, I got calls and messages from friends and family and I couldn’t wait to see […]

Maternity shoot

In the first week of August, I decided to call one of my favorite photographers, Elom Ayayee. She had taken all of DJ’s professional baby shots just a year ago and I wanted her to do same for Drew. She was so excited to hear the news and told me she had packages now which […]

2nd Pregnancy: Events

By the second week in August I was done with my exams. As I previously mentioned, I had a couple of events lined up that I simply couldn’t miss.

2nd Journey- Part 3

People often say that kids know when their mothers are pregnant. This is the reason why they act out or become super clingy. I am inclined to believe this because of my own experience….

2nd Journey: Part 2

During our little “baby moon”, I told all three of my friends (who I was supposed to be a bridesmaid for) the news. Two weddings in October and one in December. I decided I could still plan and style one of my October weddings but definitely couldn’t do the one in December since it would […]

2nd Journey: Part 1

Now that my pregnancy was confirmed, as usual, I called my mother. Firstly, she’s just as dramatic as I am so I couldn’t wait to see her reaction. Secondly, she had gone through a similar situation (my younger brother and I are 15 months apart) so she would be the best person to advise me […]

We’re having a baby……AGAIN!

Where do I begin??? So I knew I would be writing about this but I always thought it would be in the distant future and not a year after my first. It’s so surreal to me as I type this and some days, I’m still in a state of shock.

Pregnancy: What no one tells you

Women get pregnant all the time but somehow there’s so much misconception and secrecy surrounding pregnancy that needs to be shared. I have decided to compile a list of things I found out for myself while pregnant and you can share yours in the comments below: