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written by catherine November 9, 2020

Catherine is my name but most people call me Chichi. A civil servant and a first time mum of an eight-month-old baby girl. My best-friend (Khadijah)and I used to sell any and everything we could lay hands on back in tertiary. We always talked about running a proper business together. We found ourselves in the midst of other mothers who were faced with the task of running a tight ship because of conflict in their schedules and shopping for the kids. We understand the appearance of the kids portrays on us mothers. This was the birth of our business idea.

We also know how difficult finances have been lately due to the ongoing pandemic. Our dream was to help mothers manage time whiles slaying the kids and maintaining a budget. God being so good,we have executed it. Cheapside_classykidz deals in store rejects and second hand clothing which are still in good shape. Our prices are  very moderate which means,everyone can shop from us.The journey hasn’t been easy, All praise to God but we hope to expand. We do delivery services as well so you can shop anywhere in the world.

Instagram and Facebook handle : @cheapside_classykidz

Contact numbers :0264392242/ 0540617536. 

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