On the 11th of December, 2018 Kobby and I took Drew to the hospital to get circumcised. I wasn’t too worried this time because DJ’s had gone perfectly well last year. He barely cried when it happened and it was a very neat and sterile procedure which usually takes just about 10 minutes. His ring came off after about 6 days and he was fully healed within a very short period of time.

We were told to arrive before 8am so we set off pretty early and arrived by 7:30am. As usual, we were escorted to the theatre where the circumcision is performed. We were asked to take off our shoes and leave them outside. We were given those rubbery hospital crocs to wear instead. They also handed us our robes, mask and hair net caps to wear. They meant business. So we put them on and took Drew out of his carrier and handed him to the Anaesthetist. I took out a fresh diaper and a pack of Diclo-denk suppositories (for kids) like I was instructed to.

Right away, I noticed this was a different gentleman from the one who had worked on DJ last year. It was hard to tell because we never got to see what they looked like since they were already dressed in their full hospital attire and mask. This one seemed more laid back and chatty. He introduced himself, asked us how we were doing and how Drew had been so far and if we were going to have more kids. He kept going on and on. I assumed he was talking so much to calm us down. Honestly, I was a bit nervous because Drew was a crier. He cried even when everything was fine so I was wondering how exactly he would take this. The Anaesthetist laid him down and begun the procedure.

He started with a few injections on his little weenie. Immediately, he got the shots of anaesthesia, he went off just like I was dreading. He was inconsolable! Poor baby. Kobby took a step back. (He had told me, he couldn’t stand circumcisions because he felt it was happening to him). I on the other hand, was watching carefully, barely blinking, trying not to miss a beat!

Next, he wore the plastic ring on his weenie. He then took an object that looked like scissors and started to cut the foreskin. He also took a knife and cut around the ring to create the shape. That knife seemed a bit blunt so he put it down and picked a sharper one. He then reinforced the ring with a thread. Throughout this process, he was believe it or not, STILL TALKING! Kobby was barely responding and I was just responding to his chatter with “mmmm” “hmmm” throughout. Besides, between Drew’s loud wails and what was going on, the mood wasn’t exactly conducive for chatting and who talks through such a delicate procedure anyway? He did seem pretty confident throughout, like he had been doing it for years but I just felt something wasn’t right.

Firstly, after he was done, he seemed to be wiping too much excess blood. He even seemed to apply a bit of pressure to it to stop the bleeding. I’m no expert, but even the way he went about cutting with that blunt knife didn’t sit well with me. I had a sinking feeling things were about to get worse.

“So is he supposed to be bleeding that much? Because I only saw a little blood with my first son and that was it”

“Oh it’s normal. It will stop even before you get home. Don’t worry at all. If you see anything unusual just call the hospital and we’ll assist but you should be fine” He assured.

He went ahead and cleaned him up, inserted the suppository , wore his diaper and handed him over to us. At this point, Drew was a bit calm. We took him to the changing room, placed him in the carrier,  took off the hospital attire and we were off. In the car ride home, Drew fell asleep and Kobby and I discussed what had just happened. He also agreed he  didn’t feel right about it. I just hoped for the best.

That evening, as my mother wiped him, she complained there was still a bit of bleeding. However, when I checked, I realized it wasn’t new blood but the old one that was still around the ring. I still felt compelled to call the hospital. This time, I got to speak to DJ’s anaesthetist from last year.  I found out there were just two of them at the hospital who do these procedures and I immediately wished we had insisted on him when we got there that morning. He listened to my concerns and asked me to send him photos on whatsapp on his number which he sent to me. I did that right away. After having a look, he assured me there wouldn’t be more bleeding and I could apply Vaseline inside the diaper or get the special gauze which was already greased up and line the diaper with it. This would prevent his weenie from brushing up against the diaper so it won’t hurt. I was asked to observe it for a few days and then get back to him. I also went online, hysterically reading anything I could find on it but that’s never a good idea. WebMD never has good news. It just makes you panic!

The days went by and just like I was dreading, his cries got worse and louder and no one could sleep….well except DJ (that boy can sleep through anything). I knew my baby was uncomfortable and I was sad I couldn’t do anything about it.

On the sixth day, his ring fell…ALMOST. So his ring was falling off with the thread like it was supposed to but the thread was somehow attached to a bit of the skin on his weenie so it was just hanging on to it and refusing to fall off. You can imagine how much pain this poor baby was in. I was soooo MAD at that damn anaesthetist!! Now that I had DJ’s anaesthetist’s number, I immediately sent him the pictures and he asked us to come in that afternoon. He explained to us he would have to correct it which meant Drew would go under the knife again. I was distressed..Kobby was pissed, my mother was ready to punch someone!

We got him ready and Kobby and I left for the hospital again. He met us at the reception and took us in. Fortunately, after close examination, he realized he didn’t have too much to do. He expertly cut of the skin attached to it without any bleeding and then did a few stitches and assured us he would be completely fine within a few days. He apologized profusely on his colleague’s behalf but to me the harm had already been done. Thank God he was able to salvage the situation. I still went ahead to report his colleague and I have no idea whether or not he was sanctioned because this is Ghana after all but I do hope he was.

Just like we were told, this time, after a few days he was completely healed and his once botched circumcision finally looked normal. I was just grateful it wasn’t something he would have to live with it for the rest of his life otherwise I just couldn’t forgive myself. It’s funny how you can have two boys just a year apart with such different experiences.

My boy was healed and now I couldn’t wait for his upcoming photoshoot with Elom. FINALLY! Something good to look forward to. Oh and I was also getting ready for bridesmaid duties for my friend’s upcoming wedding!

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  1. We had our circumcision just last week and I must say have been panicking, especially last night when we saw blood and baby cried like something.
    We called the hospital last night and we were there this morning for them to have a look.
    Everything is fine

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