Whew! I remember this like it was just yesterday…

Kobby and I got married on the 1 st of October 2016. I was so excited to be roommates with my
boyfriend, now my husband. I couldn’t contain my joy! We had just gotten back from our
honeymoon and he had bought me a puppy for my birthday, so we seemed to be settling into our
home nicely.

Barely a month later, our usual African aunties and uncles (not blood related) kept asking “When are
we expecting the young one?”, “Don’t wait too long oo”, “You are young now, this is the perfect
time to have all your kids”, “A year from now you’ll be inviting us for your outdooring” insert more
annoying statements here. I’m pretty sure many of you can relate. What bugged me was, we
could’ve been having fertility issues, although we weren’t, but imagine if we were! You would think
people would be more considerate, but you would be surprised.

My plan was never to have kids RIGHT after marriage anyway, I wanted to wait 6 months to a year and fully settle into the rhythm of my marriage and THEN have kids. You ever heard the expression
“When you make plans, God laughs”? Well God definitely laughed hard at this one.

In February 2017, I suddenly had a humongous appetite! Listen, I’ve always loved food, but this was getting out of hand. Every 15 mins I needed to go get something out of the fridge to munch on.
“What is going on?” I thought. “Maybe I’m pregnant”. That was the only logical explanation. So, the next day, I went to the pharmacy and bought two pregnancy sticks. I peed and guess what? I WASN’T pregnant. Ha! So, this appetite was all me. I was disappointed, not because I wasn’t having a baby, but because I was eating like a pig for no reason.

Fast forward, Kobby’s birthday in March. We went for breakfast in the morning, had lunch at my in
laws’ and then decided to go watch the then latest Wolverine movie “Logan”. Halfway through the
movie, I suddenly felt the urge to throw up and I had this sick feeling in my tummy. Without thinking
twice, I grabbed my popcorn box (with popcorn still in there) and threw up! He looked at me in
shock and asked if I was okay, but I told him I needed to use the bathroom and that I didn’t feel too
well. So, I rushed there, but as I got in, my tummy suddenly felt better. I just threw the box away,
washed my hands and left. As I walked out, I met him waiting by the bathroom door and he told me
it was better we left so I could get some rest. As two big movie watchers, we were both bummed.

The next morning, I decided I needed answers for this bizarre episode, so I peed on the second stick I
had left from the other time. Right after peeing, I decided against it (because I was certain I wasn’t
pregnant) and threw it in the bin and went to shower. After getting dressed, a voice inside my head
told me to go get the stick and see the results. So, I grabbed it, and saw two lines… Wait what? TWO
LINES! I’M PREGNANT! All of a sudden, I started to question whether or not it was real and whether
or not I should inform Kobby then. “Maybe I should go to the hospital first and be certain before
telling him.” I thought. I didn’t want to get his hopes up. Who am I kidding? I couldn’t keep anything
from him for more than 5 mins. I immediately imagined all the dramatic ways I could break the news
to him. I finally settled on wrapping my arms around him and whispering into his ear “I’m pregnant.”
Corny. I know.

He walked into the room, went straight to the shower and then brushed his teeth after. I was dying
inside. It felt like eternity. Once he was done getting ready for work, I went close to wrap my arms
around him and…. “Eno…Eno…this isn’t the time. You know I’m already late” he said sternly. I moved
back and retorted “Okay then I’m pregnant!” and started to walk away but I had a coy smile the whole time because I knew he would immediately recoil and feel terrible. I had also intentionally left
the stick on my dresser and I was sure he would immediately reach for it for confirmation, which he

I was already out of the room fixing breakfast. He came in and was trying to have a “moment”. I
stubbornly said “Oh please that moment is already gone. It’s too late”. I loved torturing him. He kept
trying to hug me and apologize. So, I finally gave in and we both yelled “We’re having a baby!” It was
the best news ever! I had no idea what was ahead, but I was excited about this journey….

Errmm, what was my reason for waiting to have kids again???

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  1. I enjoyed reading this! The bit about literally everyone telling you to have a baby immediately. If I had a dollar for every time someone said that to me…. Good job! I look forward to your future posts!

  2. Eno, this is truely amazing!!! So well-written & captivating!! I can totally see this turning into a movie. I’d totally watch it! Ps. Can’t wait to read more!

  3. Eno this is a great start! Love it! I was sooo into the story…next we know you’ll be writing books! Waiting patiently for next blog! ??????

  4. Wow….honestly I don’t even know how I got here…but I must say….I have this broad smile on my face….such a beautiful story….looking forward to something new every Monday and Friday.
    May God give you strength to take care of your bundle of joy and your husband as well.

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