I had heard pregnant women talk about some of these changes but boy was I in for a surprise….


For someone who was just a few months pregnant, I was showing pretty early. I was 13 weeks into my pregnancy but I could see a small bump. The rate at which I was going, I feared what I would look like at 9 months.

My appetite had sky rocketed and I was always blaming the baby.  “Oh the baby is so hungry “, I would say. All I wanted constantly was pure fiery pepper. I could cut bits of whole pepper into an omelette or literally anything I was about to eat. The upside was, I never threw up again since that day in the cinema but I did feel nauseated from time to time and the pepper helped keep it down.

I had the weirdest cravings, and I did whatever it took to get them. In one instance, I was craving plantain and beans so much, I drove all the way to Legon campus, joined a long queue and bought it from a very rude seller who looked annoyed that I didn’t have her price list off head. Ridiculous, I know. When I asked “ how much is your gari? how much is your plantain? “ I could see her boiling out of anger. I really could care less about her attitude, when I could see food I had been thinking about for over a week, sitting right there. I even bought enough to eat again the next day.

Another weird craving of mine was “one man thousand” , which I ended up eating for a week straight. I’m also not a typical waakye fan, (I could eat it but I wasn’t crazy about it)  but this period changed that, because I had ALOT of it.


I wasn’t eating my entire kitchen though. I also had some food aversions. Surprisingly , the smell of okro stew or fish made me queasy. I loved banku but not anymore. My sense of smell had also heightened. I hated the smell of quite a number of things.

I also run out of breath a lot when I spoke, but that didn’t stop me from talking.

Pregnancy Brain

Well this was one of the things I was sure was a myth! Turns out it wasn’t . You have no idea how many times I would tell Kobby a story and then leave to do something else, get back and retell the entire story. He would put his face in his palm and tell me “ Eno you just told me this 5 minutes ago” and I would just stand there with a blank look on my face. Classic. Or, the usual stories you hear about preggos leaving stuff in strange places. Eg Putting salt in the fridge? Guilty.

Mood Swings

Hmm this is tricky, because I still believe every time I was enraged, it was justified. I will admit that I got upset more often than not and I got even more emotional than I already am. I watched an episode of “The Voice” and got unnecessarily emotional over a contestant winning. I also got irritated very easily and nothing really got me excited. ( This was mostly because of the headaches I was getting. Who can be excited with a headache anyway? ) Kobby wasn’t fun to argue with either. He would quietly watch me act crazy and then move on like nothing happened. I would be more upset at the end of this one-man argument, than I was at the beginning. Hmph!

Fatigue also poked its ugly head this trimester. I’m usually very active and all over the place. This sudden fatigue took control over my life. I would oversleep and wake up late and then drag myself out of bed to get ready for the day. I could only leave the house after noon because that was honestly the earliest I could get ready. Usually after I was done getting ready, I would decide to take a quick nap for an hour and that usually turned into 3 hours and then I would have to ditch my outing and reschedule ALL THE TIME. It was as if, I had absolutely no control over my body, emotions, appetite or brain. It was a struggle! Productivity had taken a back seat and food and naps had taken over.

What was happening?!

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