More Hospital Visits, Antenatal, Maternity Wear Shopping

On the 23rd of June, I was really excited for my routine hospital visit. Now, I was always excited for these trips to the hospital because I always had an ultra sound, so I got to see the baby. Secretly, another reason I was excited was because I never really felt like I had a baby in me, I looked it, but I didn’t feel like it and that made very worried. I felt no movements, none at all, so at least seeing the baby in there and hearing his heartbeat gave me the assurance that everything was fine. On one of the visits, I saw my baby’s hands up and was very active, even though I still couldn’t feel it. It was so emotional seeing that. Nothing…. beats that feeling.

I was now in my second trimester and my energy was back! The headaches had stopped and the fatigue had reduced but not my cravings. Ha! I still had a pretty insatiable appetite which had switched from peppery to sweet. I loved anything sweet; cheesecake, milk or white chocolate in any form, butterscotch candy, cupcakes, doughnuts, cerelac, yoghurt candy, ice cream…you name it.  I also loved the healthy sweets as well, apples, mangoes and all that. Cheese had added to my list of aversions. I now had backaches and had to drive with a pillow supporting my back all the time. The midday naps had reduced but I was going to bed super early now.

After every hospital visit, Kobby would call from work and excitedly ask “So they said the baby’s  fine eh” and I would reply “ Kobby, for the hundredth time, yes he is!”, laughing in my head while pretending to be annoyed.  My blood level was a bit low, so I was prescribed some extra blood medication apart from Pregnacare and calcium which was making my medicine intake overwhelming.

I had been working out a bit as well. I did some brisk walk on the treadmill every other day and I realized it put me in a really good mood when I was done. I also did some pregnancy yoga at home and breathing exercises which were helpful.

Working had become close to impossible to do since producing an event is more hands on and labour intensive. I decided to take up one or two events I couldn’t say no to and then went on a well deserved break.

Now, I was showing way more and total strangers were noticing. It was the weirdest thing. Sometimes, I wasn’t sure if they knew I was pregnant or if they thought I just had a big tummy. I went grocery shopping once and was offered a seat at the register. Who knew seats were even available to be offered? I loved it! Perks of pregnancy I guess.

Another thing I enjoyed was maternity wear shopping. I found a shop on Instagram called “Bumps n’ Us” and browsed through a few of their photos and and I loved what I was seeing.  I immediately called and found out they were right at the Adjiriganor Junction which was close. I found so many chic, cool Asos maternity clothing. I ended up getting a few dresses, maternity leggings, my diaper bag, pregnancy journal and feeding bras. It was Godsent.

Throughout my pregnancy, people kept asking whether we wanted a boy or a girl. I knew Kobby wanted a boy really bad, but frankly it didn’t matter to me anymore. At the beginning I wanted twin boys, (so I could have a girl last and she could be the princess) but at this point, all I wanted was a healthy baby. I know it sounds generic but that was the truth.

My dog also fell sick and I had to rush her in and out of the vet which was adding to my stress. She eventually had to be put on a drip because she had lost so much fluid and the poor thing was so weak. Thankfully she recovered.

We were told to come for a scan in two weeks to find out the gender. I honestly couldn’t wait!…..





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  1. The perks are wonderful! My tummy was big by like 3 months and with my skinny frame people were just offering me things. I cut soooo many queues those times ☺️…

  2. I have read everything u av posted and i must say u are not just a talkative but a good writer too. i am impressed and suddenly this is like my new addiction ever since i started working n av had no time for series or books. keep posting!

  3. Thanks for the mention ..we are enjoying reading your journey Eno and Yes!Yes!Yes! You write so well..glad you took this step to write

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