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written by Mavis Dey August 10, 2020

I am Mavis Dzidzor Dey Akomatsri, owner of Mamas Kids Thrift, a wife to an exceptional photographer and a mother of two adorable girls I call bubbles(yeah bubbles… they can be in a happy mood this minute and a sad mood the next minute. Just like how bubbles look so good and then burst moments later.)

Retailing kids thrift, did not just happen for me.
When I became a new parent, I quickly discovered that buying kids clothes is a fraught affair and I believe I am not alone on this. I always want my girls to look good but you know kids, they quickly outgrow their clothes and that means constantly buying new clothes. But there was one problem, the lady who brought the clothes to me always delayed. So I decided to visit the hub of second hand clothing(Kantamanto) myself.

Thanks to my good old school days(I’m a marketing graduate of Accra Polytechnic now Accra Technical University) I had the knowledge that the best time for shopping and striking a good bargain was as early as 5:30am. I woke up so early on the day for shopping and got to the hub before 6:00am. Imagine how super excited I was, only to be asked to wait and be attended to later. I stood there for about 2 hours watching retailers pick all the nice stuff I saw and wanted to get. Not knowing, the market women sell to retailers first, before attending to others. Upon learning this, I roamed all the lanes of kantamanto and the situation was the same everywhere. Guess what, I ended up buying from the retailers. This kept happening every time I went shopping for the girls. How? Well, before saturday or wednesday, the retailers would call the supplier and make it known if they would be coming for goods. Hence, they knew who and who were coming to buy. So on days that I saw something I liked I was always asked to give it to the retailer who wants it (I guess somehow, they know their people so well). Not fair, right? But those are the rules they have always worked with. Being fed up with this frustrating situation and knowing that there were mothers and caregivers who felt like I did, gave me the idea of starting a thrift shop.

However, whenever I thought of this idea, the thought of what people and my mates from school would think or say, the projection that people would make on my finances and the thought that people would look down on me deterred me from establishing my business. I kept overlooking the many benefits shopping second hand clothing has. Oh yeah, there are so many benefits to shopping second hand items. I’ll quickly share a few with you.

  • You get to save some money. Let me explain this. Kids are dirty and dirty is fun. However, you won’t scream, talk and talk then scream some more when they have used clothes that you spent less on stained or damaged compared to what you spent a fortune on. You make the choice to wash or even throw it away if they’re that that bad and it doesn’t hurt.
  • Like I said at the beginning, kids grow so fast. Today, their clothes fit just fine and the next day they look like they’re the beanstalk from the magic bean. Not sure how that happens(but it does!).
  • Also, you get great brands like Gymboree, Gap, and Pumpkin Patch. And sometimes you even find new clothes. They’re all just out there waiting for you to buy them (where else than from me? LOL) And there are lots of different types of clothes and colors. And it makes it easier for you to help your kids find their own style.
  • Most importantly, thrifting is a form of recycling, this means keeping tons of clothes that are completely new or way too good away from landfills hence helping save our environment plus, it’s a way of supporting an independent mama in business to thrive.

I could go on and on about the benefits of thrifting and that would make this a long read. Where was I before I started the long talk on the benefits of thrifting?

Uh_huh ! So I kept playing around the idea of starting a thrift business and never gave it a serious thought.

Then one day! Chai! (It’s still fresh in my memory) I came home with a bag of goodies only to realize that some had bad stains that wouldn’t go away, some looked faded, a few had tiny holes, my favorite had a spoilt zipper and the only one I got for my new born(she had lots of clothes to even 12months but i just couldn’t resist this one) had a few buttons missing. I felt cheated and wanted my money back, but that was impossible.

This, was my wake up call. Suddenly I wanted to help parents make a good choice when buying thrift items and also help them get value for their money. I finally gave the idea of a thrift business a serious thought but then I didn’t have a shop neither did I have the funds for it. I told my hubby about my intention and he said “you don’t really need a shop, just do it online”. So we started creating a website with square space and telling friends about the business. Then a very good friend of ours told us about how vendors on instagram were making use of the platform and how difficult it would be to get people to visit the website, talk of making sales and how the website can be built after I have gathered lots of loyal customers.

So that got me thinking deep and doing more and more research. I then took a bold step and Mamas Kids Thrift was established in April 2019.

My personal philosophy to never accept anything less than what I deserve and to treat people how I want to be treated is the bedrock for the core values and quality policies of Mamas Kids Thrift. I ensure that my customers get value for their money.

I carefully handpick all the clothes, wash, disinfect, iron, add a splash of fragrance, neatly fold and beautifully package them. I know people will wonder why I bother to put in so much time and resources in preparing the items, some will also question why I bother to have them washed, after all its obroni w3 wu. I know those who buy it will wash them(just a few don’t wash thrift clothes with the excuse that they like the smell) but the question is how many people make use of laundry disinfectants such as dettol and lysol laundry sanitizer? Many people are ignorant of the fact that clothes are the number one hiding spots for bacteria. So you see, the washing, disinfecting and ironing is done to prevent the growth of bacteria, to ensure no bacteria has a chance of survival and also make sure kids do not catch bacterial infections aside making the clothes look good for presentation.

Also to ensure that the slogan “Preloved To Reloved” reflects in all that Mamas Kids Thrift is about, I strive to give my best to these adorable ones God has given us.

I believe that with each sale I make, I add a bunch of happiness to the world. I gain satisfaction from the thought that

1. Parents save time when they make a purchase from me.

2. Children jump up with joy at the sight of their neatly packaged parcel.

3. The satisfaction parents get as they watch their kids unveil their parcels with excitement.

4. The feedback I receive from parents pushes me to do more.

With a purchase from Mamas Kids Thrift, all parents and caregivers are assured of zero defects and a 100% value for money.

Kindly visit Mamas Kids Thrift on Facebook and @mamaskidsthrift on Instagram and browse through our gallery. You can also click the highlights and stories for available items.

You can call directly on 0246458530 or Whatsapp

Do not settle for less, Mamas Kids Thrift is here for your convenience. With Mamas Kids Thrift, you know I have the well being of your children at heart!

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Dansoaa August 10, 2020 - 11:27 am

Mavis, this was such a good read and so enlightening. You honestly learn something new everyday. I never knew baby thrift existed. Good on you mama!

Eno August 10, 2020 - 12:47 pm

I Knoww! I also had no idea!

Adwoa August 10, 2020 - 12:10 pm

Aww so thoughtful of her. Absolutely love this!

Eno August 10, 2020 - 12:48 pm

So much thought and so much effort!

Nkansa August 10, 2020 - 12:15 pm

Loved it! I also used to wonder about buying “fos” for my children but the rate at which they are growing, chale, i may have to consider that option.

Eno August 10, 2020 - 12:50 pm

No wonder my mom made me wear oversized clothes as a child and her response was always.. “you will grow into it”


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