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Naa’s Journey

written by Naa August 25, 2019
Naa’s Journey

I got married in August 2018 and by September that same year, I was pregnant. During my first scan, my husband and I got to know I had fibroids and the best option was a CS to have the fibroids and the baby removed at the same time.

My date of delivery was on the 27th of May and the CS was scheduled two weeks before the delivery day to prevent me from going into labor. My husband told me fibroids could be very painful however it varies, some people don’t go through any discomfort. I wasn’t lucky, during my third month, the discomfort started. It was the most painful thing I have ever felt. I was bedridden for almost two weeks. My mum was taking care of me during the day. I couldn’t do anything, not even eat. I lost a lot of weight and took a lot of injections. The pain eventually subsided and I was back to normal. It started again when I was in my 5th month. This time it was worse, I had to go through the same number of injections on my butt and other parts of my body all over again. It wasn’t easy. There were times I even regretted getting pregnant. Pregnancy had worn me out and deep down I didn’t want a CS so I was always praying and asking God to let me go into labor earlier than planned.

When I was 34 weeks, I started peeing a lot and sometimes peeing on myself. During my last scan on the 12th of April, the doctor said baby was okay and weighed 2.4kg so he scheduled my next appointment in two weeks. I had a whole month to go. I cried that night when I got home. I was exhausted! I watched GOT that evening and I was back to normal.

On Friday dawn, I realised my urine problem had worsened. My panty became very wet so I rushed to the washroom thinking I had peed on myself. I felt no pain so I just changed my panty and wore a sanitary pad. This was around 1am. It happened for a second time and funny enough I opened your blog (Talkativemom) to read about how your water broke because I was just confused. It happened a third time and still no pain. I started feeling intense pain around 5am and that was when I decided to wake my husband up. I forgot to mention he’s a doctor. He asked me to take some painkillers because I was just in my 34th week and it couldn’t have been labor but woman was suffering! I couldn’t even walk and I was sweating soo much! He had to rush and get dressed and take me to his hospital for some strong painkillers. It still didn’t work. He then decided I should take a scan and see if the baby had turned.

We drove to the lab and the sonographer was called from home to take the scan. I could feel myself pushing but I didn’t know what was happening. While he was taking the scan, he said

“The baby’s head is too low”

He tried to check again and…

“Something has fallen in my pants! Call my husband! He’s a doctor!” I screamed!

The sonographer frantically rushed to call my husband who was outside. My husband rushed in and asked me to push once more and lo and behold that was the loudest cry I have ever heard! My baby was born in a lab. They quickly rushed to the nearest polyclinic to get the midwife. They came quickly and cut the cord and removed the placenta. They then rushed my baby to the clinic with my mum following them. As for me, I was wheeled i  in broad daylight on the street to the clinic. I was still in shock so I couldn’t even ask questions. I thought everything was done but no the pain was now about to begin. Because I pushed really hard  I scattered down there so much. They had to stitch the place up and I really cried.

I saw my baby after everything was done. He was soo pink and tiny. He weighed  2.7kg. Baby is 16 weeks now and now weighs 7.2kg. He’s becoming dark and very chubby. My breastmilk stopped coming after a month and he’s exclusively formula fed but he’s growing very well. I’m so grateful to God.

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Maame August 26, 2019 - 10:07 am

powerful story, so you didn’t take the fibroids out?

Eno August 28, 2019 - 2:16 pm

Good question.I will crosscheck with her

Mandy August 26, 2019 - 12:29 pm

Wow… what a story… thank God both mum and baby are doing well.

Eno August 28, 2019 - 2:16 pm

Ikr! Thank God!

Cheryl August 27, 2019 - 10:30 pm

Baby and mama are always in sync. Lol. Baby knew what you wanted and was very obedient to you.

Eno August 28, 2019 - 2:17 pm

lol! That baby was in a hurry!

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