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written by Emma October 26, 2020

My name is Mrs Emma Ampah and I’m the CEO of NE Baby Online. I have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 and a half year old son.

NE Baby Online is an online kids clothing shop retailing quality kids clothes and footwear from the USA and U.K. and our very own African prints or Afropolitan kids wear.

I started this Business in September 2018 at a point when I decided to make a career move to have enough time for my Chinese twins 😃😃. Although I knew I wanted to go into this line of business, I didn’t know how to start or source for my products at the time. I decided to do my own research and the ideas I got from family and friends made me kick start.

I believe so much in little beginnings and the transformation over the years has been beautiful. We initially started with 10 pairs of kid’s sandals and 5 boxes of wipes, added clothes from the US and UK along the line and we’ve now added ready to wear and bespoke Afropolitan wears to our product lines. We are still expanding by the grace of God and you should expect to see more additions to our products lines.

I am also very passionate about maternal and child health related issues so I also run a social media support group on Facebook with the support of health professionals within my network, known as The PregPeds Support. That’s my small way of giving back to the target group I serve. We will be a year old in July 2020.

The greatest satisfaction I get from what I do is the convenient shopping experience that put smiles on their faces.

My life philosophy is that, if you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, crawl but don’t just sit at one place doing nothing. There’s nothing far from reach if you make a move at it.

Our contacts are:
Mobile/WhatsApp: 0243072265
Instagram: @nebabyonline
Facebook: @NEbabyonline
Email: nebabyonline@gmail.com

We will love to service you.
NE Baby Online… We make shopping a delight.

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