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written by Obaa Yaa September 8, 2020

My name is Obaa Yaa. My friends and family call me ‘Obaa’, which is now the brand name for the range of authentic shea butter products I make as my side gig. 

My Instagram pages are @ob_basketgh and @ob_kidsgh 
I am married and a mum to a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. These two inspired the creation of my business. 
My business, Obaa’s Nurturing Essentials, has been in full swing since  December 2018, after being birthed about 5 years ago. 
In addition to my full-time formal employment, I love to do stuff with my hands and always love to explore my creative side. This desire led me to consider seriously how these skills of mine could be used to help put smiles on the faces of everyone and hopefully, by that, inspire other mums. The additional income from exploring my creativity is a bonus.
I started selling raw sheabutter after having experienced its wonders on the skin of my two kids and the entire family. Realising this huge benefit, I asked a friend’s wife in the North to get me a bucket of sheabutter. When it arrived, the butter was so much that I wondered how to use it all! I figured it would make for nice presents so I started gifting family and friends some of the butter. 
I got rapid feedback! People started asking if I sold sheabutter and that they wanted the same thing they had received earlier. I have since been sourcing for the best grade of sheabutter from the North for them and others. Fast forward to now and I am a happy seller of fine-grade organic sheabutter and coconut oil for use on hair and skin! 

I got creative with the sheabutter, learning how to formulate body butters, hair butters, lip balms and soap from an accredited and recognised Skincare formulator. 
I also currently market educational materials for my friend and partner Mrs Tiokor Idun-Ogde, the brains behind the Flash cards and activity books for Pace Learning Resources. The materials were rebranded from Ceras to Pace. If you see Ceras out there it is the same product that has now been rebranded. 
I first got a set of her flash cards when my son was only a year old. I found it fascinating that this was made right here in Ghana by a woman. Not only is it impressive in terms of product quality, the content is great for children!
During the lock down period a lot of my friends and neighbours needed some sort of activity books for their children and that is where our flash cards became a go-to. A lot of the mothers who got these are so happy with the product. 
The Primary aim of Pace is to support preschool learning by making quality results-driven educational material for children in Ghana. 
The flash cards help our little visual learners to quickly grasp the skills of reading and recognizing objects from a very tender age. These important skills are enhanced as pre-schoolers have fun whilst learning with the cards.

Pace has a range of flash cards and activity books for ages 2+ and above. 
Contact me on 0249010176 for your raw sheabutter, lip balm, flash cards and fun activity books for our pre-schoolers.

When you buy from Obaa, you have bought Ghana. 
Follow my IG page @ob_kidsgh and @ob_basketgh for more.

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