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Ever since I had my locs installed, I’ve never used shampoo made specifically for my hair so Aunt Jackie’s Heads up from @gokalscosmeceutical was a welcome change. I’m not going to lie, it’s fun getting in the shower and washing my hair anytime I please. It does a very thorough job and leaves my hair clean and smelling so good.

Once I’m done,  I condition my hair with Aunt Jackie’s Soft & Sassy which is a super duper softening conditioner. I condition my locs once in a while but for you can use this all the time after shampoo if you have regular natural hair. You can also deep condition by applying generously from roots to ends, cover your hair with a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer for 10 minutes.

An alternative is Aunt Jackie’s Knot Havin’ it! This is great leave-in detangling moisturizer.

After rinsing out the conditioner and towel drying my hair, I oil my scalp with  Aunt Jackie’s E-Blast oil and this has got to be my favourite out of the range! It’s made specifically for locs, braids, twists etc and enriched with Shea butter, Olive oil, Vitamin E and Flaxseed. Talk about giving your hair the nutrition it needs!


Who else goes through hell just trying to simply comb these little humans’ hair? And by hell, I mean chasing them around the room and pinning them down. They run the minute they see a comb. I know several mothers who have even given up combing entirely. But don’t give up just yet. Aunty Jackie’s Knot on my watch! is a great detangler. This product couldn’t have arrived at a better time. A mama was starting to lose her mind having to struggle with these kids every morning. After shampooing their hair and applying their Shea butter, I go in with this detangling therapy which really softens their hair and they actually seem to like it. Who knew?

If you’re also looking for something to help maintain your little one’s curls, waves or to have their twists stay well defined and springy, while leaving their hair super soft with no sticky feel, you should definitely try Aunty Jackie’s Baby Girl Curls. This is a moisture-rich, curling and twisting custard which you apply from roots to ends and style as desired.

All instructions are on the products and very easy to follow.

Get the full range of products from @gokalscosmeceutical

“Heads up”.                   GHC53
✨“E-Blast”                        GHC53
✨Knot having it”.            GHC53
✨“Knot on my watch”.   GHC53
✨”Soft and Sassy”.          GHC53
✨”Baby Girl Curls”.         GHC53

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