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This is exactly what bedtime is like. DJ busily proving to me he’s a big boy by attempting to dress himself and applying his roll on bite cream. Drew on the other hand, eating anything he can find.

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Every mother goes through this phase, where their babies and toddlers would stuff anything they find directly in their mouth… I mean anything at alll!

I try to minimize the poisonous things they ingest by buying natural , all organic skincare products for them . So when Gokals Cosmeceuticals reached out to work with me , they sent in their Cucciolo Baby Natural products and I went straight to the ingredients first. I loved that their baby line contained shea butter, almond oil, macadamia and jojoba. These are all ingredients I love and use. If you’ve been following me for a while , you know I’m obsessed with  two things: Shea butter and essential oils, so this was right up my alley.

Don’t get me started on bites! We have had our fair share of mosquito bites, insect bites, some bites I have no idea where they came from. It makes them so uncomfortable and DJ usually gets bitten the most. So testing out Gokal’s Cucciolo Baby Bite spray , Bite roll-on and and After Bite soothing gel was the first thing I did. I loved that it contains Citronella and Geranium essential oils. Love!

The Bite Roll-on is my fav because it has a really mild scent unlike other repellents I’ve used in the past. However, the boys also seem to like the Bite Spray (even though the smell is much stronger than the roll-on) they find it amusing when I spritz their legs with it. It also works great for adults, my husband tested it out. Now we use it morning and evening and sometimes even during the day if we’re outdoors. So far it’s been really effective. I’m hooked!

Their Delicate Cleanser which is essentially a body wash, smells so good! I love that I can use it for their hair and body so I don’t have to switch products in between. Bathing these boys is an extreme sport, the faster I get them out of the bathroom, the easier it is for everyone.

The Lenil Cream soothes and normalizes the symptoms of inflamed skin and other skin irritations . It’s also ideal for very sensitive skin prone to redness.

Their Face and Body milk , is just that..body milk! It’s soft and nourishes their skin and leaves them with that baby smell .. you know all babies have this peculiar yummy smell .. that’s what this smells like. It contains shea butter , almond, macadamia and jojoba. Talk about all the goodness your little one’s skin will be absorbing!

Nowadays, it’s difficult to tell which brands of diapers on the market are authentic because we don’t know the source. Most babies react to these diapers which leads to a diaper rash. They also react to the skin care products which aren’t natural and contains all sorts of ingredients. It’s important not to add on to the toxic stuff by using diaper rash creams that aren’t natural. I love that the Cucciolo Diaper Rash cream contains shea butter and zinc oxide. and it’s preservative free.

Full set:

  • Cucciolo Face & Body Milk. GHC55
  • Cucciolo Delicate Cleanser (for body and hair). GHC50
  • Cucciolo Lenil Cream GHC50
  • Cucciolo Bite Roll on. GHC35
  • Cucciolo Bite Spray GHC40
  • Cucciolo After Bite Soothing Gel GHC20
  • Cucciolo Diaper Rash Cream GHC30

You can purchase these directly at @gokalscosmeceutical

Try it out and thank me later 💕

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