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Cucciolo Mamy

I have always said that there are so many products out there for babies but not enough for mom especially post partum. Throughout pregnancy and after birth, your body goes through several changes and most often never goes back to its original state. It’s completely normal. After all, you did give birth to a whole human!

Thankfully, Cucciolo Mamy with it’s natural ingredients is great for moms. Some days, I wish I had heard about these products early enough but I’m still excited. Imagine products that contain Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E , Aloe etc

  • Cucciolo Mamy Anti-Stretchmark Body Cream.        Ghc70
  • Cucciolo Mamy Anti-Stretchmark Body Oil.               Ghc65
  • Cucciolo Mamy Soothing Nipple Cream.                     Ghc30
  • Cucciolo Mamy Tone Up Firming Body Lotion           Ghc70
  • Cucciolo Mamy Feminine Wash.                                    Ghc35


You can get any of these directly from @gokalscosmeceutical on Instagram or any of their outlets listed in their bio.

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