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Two weeks ago , I asked about self care and I got varied responses. We all take care of ourselves differently. But it’s always important to make a mental note to do just that. Sometimes as human beings, we end up taking care of everything and everyone else but ourselves. Let’s treat ourselves so we can give off our very best.

Until last week, the last time I had a pedicure was 14th March. The day before they announced the lockdown here in Ghana. Honestly , even after it was lifted, the last thing on my mind was getting a pedicure so you can imagine what my feet looked like. Those things were parcheddddd! (Okay I’m exaggerating).  Using the Moha foot-cream from @gokalscosmeceutical was exactly what my feet needed. It kept it so moisturized and smooth! If you’re like me and love to walk barefoot at home, get one of these from and thank me later.

Still on the topic of self-care, you  know those really busy mornings, where you need to quickly rinse off your face and do a bit of work before bathing? Or days when your little alarm clock humans wake you and there’s no time to jump in the shower? Well now that I’ve found this Moha face wash, let’s just say my bath time has been pushed back a little bit. It’s great for a quick makeup removal as well. It smells soo good and feels luxurious even though it’s reasonably priced .It contains Neem, Cucumber , Aloe and Rose so you know it’s great!

Check out their full range of products. The massage oil is one of my faves!

  • Moha Herbal Face Wash.                           Ghc25
  • Moha Foot Care Cream.                             Ghc20
  • Moha Rejuvenating Massage Oil.            Ghc35
  • Moha Moisturizing Lotion.                       Ghc30


Such affordable luxury. Get yours from @gokalscosmeceutical 💕

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