Women get pregnant all the time but somehow there’s so much misconception and secrecy surrounding pregnancy that needs to be shared. I have decided to compile a list of things I found out for myself while pregnant and you can share yours in the comments below:

The LMP mentioned is the Last Menstrual Period. So essentially, your due date is calculated using your last menstrual period. So two weeks between your LMP and conception plus 38 weeks which is 40 weeks in total ie 10 months. So for those who are always wondering why people’s pregnancies take forever, its 40 weeks which is almost a year so chill.

Shocker. I know. It is very common to experience morning sickness ie nausea, spitting, vomiting, etc However not everyone experiences that. I have never had morning sickness and I think it differs from person to person.

Again, probably not everyone has had this experience but I did. I have days where all I do is scratch my tummy for some relief.

Omg! I had no idea this happened. I have woken up to recordings of my snore (made by husband ) to prove to me how loud I snore. Believe me, it’s LOUD!

Pregnancy rage is real. Little things are blown out of proportion and it’s like your hormones have taken control of your body. It doesn’t take much to get me upset.

This is by far the most annoying thing that you can experience. The discomfort you experience at night when you’re actively trying to sleep is insane!

This happens occasionally but isn’t nearly as annoying as a heartburn.

This may be unique to me or most talkatives out there. I am almost always out of breath when I’m pregnant just trying to get some words out. This doesn’t stop me though.

Most people already know that you will see your baby move  a lot during your second and third trimesters. However, during the last lap of your third trimester, you’ll be  able to touch your tummy and actually feel the foot  or arm of the baby as he fills up more and more in there.

Most men especially are afraid they might hurt the baby during sex. It’s completely false. Once the woman is comfortable with it, it’s fine. I have actually been told that it helps speed up labour if you’re overdue.

This is not a myth, it’s very real. Throughout my pregnancy, especially towards the end, I set reminders or write everything down otherwise that’s it. I slowly start to see myself getting more and more forgetful and it’s like I’m losing my memory. I am also told I  repeat my stories a lot and I have left some things at some very odd places I’m not proud of.

Shaving your vjayjay is next to impossible especially during the third trimester. You get so big, you can’t see past your big belly.  I still try to stand infront of a mirror to guide me which is usually helpful.

These suddenly popped out of nowhere a few days to delivery. I had been using Palmer’s lotion for stretch-marks on my tummy to avoid it but then they suddenly popped up on my inner thighs which was annoying.

Who knew you had to get so many injections while pregnant. It’s bad enough that you have to deal with this heaviness everyday. So for me, I had the first blood test to confirm pregnancy. Then the routine blood test for HIV/AIDS , Hepatitis , etc. Then I had to have two tetanus injections which were painful! I get anaemic when I’m pregnant so I had to have a blood test done every two months to monitor my blood level. I should be used to it by now but you never get used to it.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and stretch, I instantly regret it. I get severe leg cramps which fortunately lasts for a few minutes. Sometimes when I stand for too long, I also get it.

This happens when you sit without your back supported for a while or stand for too long. I always have a little pillow in my car  for support.

This depends on the individual. For me, my skin gets darker, my nose gets HUGE and I just bloat out of nowhere in the my final trimester.

I’m sure there are many more however, like they say, pregnancy is not a sickness. You can still manage to do everything you have to with all these going on , trust me. I can also understand that some people have it way worse and have to be admitted or even be on bed rest which is also tough. Having a healthy baby is the ultimate reward. All the best!

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  1. No one tells you about the gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my! Th discomfort with sleeping and the lack of appetite. All the things you mentioned are REAL Scratching the tummy is too real! if you are gonna have stretch marks forget it nothing can save you.*inserts crying smiley* no matter the cream lotion or shea butter mixed with coconut oil you have been using all your life. *drops mic* LMAO.

    1. ?????? this is sooo true! Except the lack of appetite. Ei as for me, I have too much appetite, food is allll I’m thinking about ?

  2. We under estimate the back pain. And take things like being able to shave and see your feet gor granted ????. Every visit an injection goes into your skin for vaccination of some sort or to test blood. The list is endless ?

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