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Sniffle ease essential oil-5ml


SniffleEase contains several cooling, richly aromatic essential oils with an aroma that promotes restful sleep while providing a refreshing respiratory experience, especially when diffused and applied to the chest. It’s helps ease your little one’s stuffy noses, colds and flu. A favourite in my house! I use this for the boys anytime they have the sniffles and its out the next day. Amazing product

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Calming Eucalyptus combines with the fresh, clean properties of Dorado Azul and Lavender. Equally useful when diffused or applied topically with massage, SniffleEase is a comforting hug in a bottle for little ones!


  • Aroma promotes feelings of health and wellness
  •  Naturally soothes when inhaled
  • Aroma helps release feelings of discomfort
  •  Helps inspire calm breathing
  • Formulated without synthetic perfumes, dyes, or artificial colours
  • Pre-diluted for delicate skin


  • Apply directly to chest or throat and gently massage to promote a soothing experience.
  • Use aromatically to allow children to breathe in soothing vapours.
  •  Diffuse before sleep for a soothing atmosphere that promotes feelings of wellness.


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