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written by Barbara September 28, 2020

I’m Barbara maame Esi Afreh- Nuamah, 29 years happily married with two kids Yasmin my victory child and Eliel my unexpected super boy😆.

I started “sapphireGlory Kidz” with zero capital, surprised? So this how it really took off. I ordered a dress for my daughter on Instagram and it was a pre-order based transaction. I loved stalking big site names like Amazon, AliExpress, Carter’s amongst others to window shop and loved all the kid’s things I saw. I got the idea to get photos of some nice baby stuff and post if perhaps people will be interested and buy. It worked! So I quickly switched my personal IG page to a business page to take pre-orders learning from the first online purchase I did. I posted the kids clothing items and boom I earned myself a job.

Sapphireglory Kidz is an online kids clothing shop that focuses on what kids wear from head to toe and accessories that come handy at every transitioning stage.

My journey has been very challenging and amazingly amazing by God’s grace.
As I said, I started with no capital at all so after I got a little profit from my orders then I saved up to ship my first consignment from China which nearly frustrated me because of outrageous shipping fees I didn’t expect but as times and seasons passed I started getting proposals from individuals and big companies from all over the world who were willing to supply me. It has been my backbone of support spreading my tentacles on stocked goods.

Please find attached some beautiful kids products I sell.

I’m sapphireGlory_kidz on Instagram
0249896120 / 0243705010

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