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written by Sonia July 16, 2019

I got married on 17th December 2016 to my better half. Obviously as a young lady I didn’t want to rush into having kids. Let’s just say I wanted to jam a bit before having babies and all the responsibilities that come with it….

In February 2017, I returned from my vacation feeling very funny but I  paid no attention. I was thinking it might probably be  due to the change of environment. Pregnancy was the LAST thing on my mind. About a week after, I secretly got a pregnancy test kit. In my mind, I knew i just bought it for fun. That evening, I tested myself and there it was…one deep red strip and a faint one. Lord Jesus!

 I was speechless. I didn’t tell my husband till the next morning. He asked how I knew and I told him about the test kit. He kept asking why  I didn’t tell him and all that but let’s leave that part for another day. loool. So we scheduled an appointment with the house doctor to be double sure and yes! I was PREGNANT!!! I had all sorts of mixed feelings. I did not doubt the results but my thoughts were

“Okay so now Sonia is going to be a Mother!!”

The sound and thought of it alone was something else.

Fast forward to 9th  December 2017 when I was 4 days past my due date! I was supposed to deliver on the 5th but from the stories I heard for first timers, it was normal to go past your due date. As much as I wanted to meet my son, I wasn’t panicked at all, I was surprisingly calm. On this day, I had my last checkup, I still hadn’t seen my mucus plug neither had my water broken not to even talk of dilation. For some reason, I was very relaxed I don’t know why though. I came home,  did what I had to do and just like that, the day was over.

On the 10th of December around 2am, I started  feeling weird so I used the bathroom. I was in there for God knows how long, looked in the toilet bowl but there was nothing! I was checking to see if my mucus plug had dropped because most of the stories I had heard about it dropping in the bowl. I went back to bed and a few minutes later, I felt the weird feeling again! I didn’t want to wake my husband up because what was going to be the reason for waking him? So I just went to the hall to watch a movie instead. I couldn’t sleep so I obviously had to do something to distract myself. Barely 10 minutes into the movie, the pain started getting intense. This time, it felt like menstrual cramps but much more painful! It wasn’t constant pain, it would last for a minute and then after 4-5 minutes it would come back again. I still didn’t wake my husband up till he woke up at about 9am that morning. Once he was up, I told him how I was feeling and he advised that we go to the hospital. It was snowing very bad that day. Our car kept skidding off the road because of how slippery the road was but we managed to get to the hospital. At this point, I couldn’t even stand up straight, I was in pain so we went to the reception and they directed us to our room( we booked it earlier). The doctor finally came in, examined me and guess what? I was already  7cm dilated WOW!!! I wasn’t even a cm dilated yesterday! I was laid in a warm bath to sooth me but the pain was  still so intense!I  even bounced on the ball but there was still no progress. After 4 hours at the hospital, I still hadn’t dilated further than 7cm and this was at about 6pm!! They gave me a force drip or something to help with dilation and it helped, so at 7pm, I was 10cm dilated, thank goodness. Now it was time to push!

Pushing chronicles with Sonia…HMMMM. Now, I’m not saying this to scare anyone but it was VERY PAINFUL especially for a first timer like myself. My husband was the only one who could hold me. As for the other midwife beside me, I hadn’t even seen her. LOL! I think I even scratched her at some point, out of pain. Anyway,  I pushed for a whole hour and 05 mins and finally my baby was out! Here he was, with his black curly hair and chinese eyes!!! (My husband and I are both black so that was hilarious.)

My son is now a year and a half, and I would say life hasn’t really changed that much, however, my patience level just went from 0-100 LOL! My advice is just to take it a day at a time….

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