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    Family Trip

    Since our 4 year marriage anniversary was coming up , I started planning a fun weekend away from busy Accra. I went through several options and finally settled on Meet Me There. I like to research a lot on places before I settle on it so I read their entire website, watched every single YouTube video I could find on it and read almost all reviews on Trip Advisor. After all, we were travelling with kids and I couldn’t take chances.

    Initially, the plan was to leave the kids behind and have some “us time “ but we realized the kids also needed a change of scenery. They were affected by this pandemic just as much as we were and I knew they would love it there.

    A few things to note. Vacation with kids isn’t a vacation for the parents. You still have to take care of them except in a different location 😩.
    I will say they were slightly better behaved there than at home because they were so happy but in between, of course, there was still some troublesome behaviour and unnecessary whining.

    So back to our vacation. We were unable to book for the weekend because their Sea view suite, which we really wanted, was booked. We booked two weekdays for Sea View suite and in hindsight, it was the best decision ever. We had the entire lodge to ourselves because most people prefer weekends.
    Booking was done on their website and it was pretty straight forward. They responded promptly, we made payment and we were good to go.

    We set off from Accra around 11 am and arrived at about 2 pm. So it was a 3 hour drive. The time was strategic because it was an hour before their nap time and I wanted them asleep most of the car ride which worked out perfectly. The journey was smooth and we stopped a few times , to let DJ pee in his potty. We packed a few toys, activity books and crayons and their tablets just in case but they didn’t use any so that was a relief. If you do have younger kids, it might be best to stop and stretch a few times, stock a lot of toys etc because they can be really fussy on a long journey. Our trip to Kumasi a year ago is a story for another day.

    We finally arrived and got in. I loved the traditional look of their rooms, beds, bathrooms, sheets, everything! We got the sea-view suite which is the best in my opinion because you have the best view right outside your room, a little porch with chairs, open-air bathroom (I was obsessed with that). We got extra beds for the boys in our suite since there’s just one big (queen size bed I think). You can all comfortably fit on it if you choose to sleep together but the boys are used to sleeping on their own so I wanted to maintain that. They have a notice in the room which talks about the services they offer like room service ( cleaning), restaurant’s opening and closing times, laundry service etc

    There’s a lagoon between the lodge and the beach which I’m told you can swim in but we didn’t take chances. However, I’m sure if you’re a good swimmer, you can probably get in there.
    They have a nice bar and restaurant seating area that sits on the water. The view there is absolutely insane. I love that the boys got to feed the fish with bread. We simply asked the kitchen staff for bread and they handed it to us. The staff present were really helpful and nice. Drew didn’t feed the fish though, he kept eating the bread each time I handed it to him. Lol!

    They have local and continental meals. The boys enjoyed their pancakes with chocolate syrup and fruits. I loved the banku and tilapia, Kobby liked their omutuo and also seemed to enjoy their cocktails because he kept ordering. I also loved their freshly squeezed orange juice. I do wish there was more variety in their menu. They had very generous portions, especially for those prices. Every meal was Ghc40 and below except their pizzas ( most expensive is Ghc60) which was shocking! You can check out their full menu with prices on their website.

    The beach is just a walking distance but you can also cross over with a canoe. We opted to walk because I really didn’t trust these boys to sit put throughout the canoe ride (which is probably just a few minutes). The beach sand is clean and we were literally the only ones there. It was so weird and slightly scary having an entire beach to ourselves.

    If you don’t want to go over to the beach , you can just lounge right infront of the lagoon or relax on the hammock. They also have a big spacious sitting area where you can sit to read, chat, play table tennis or just have the kids run around.

    Then there was their learning centre with a library filled with kids books, musical instruments, etc. That was one of the highlights for the boys. They got to play a real xylophone and drums for the first time.

    The boys played the drums and a real xylophone for the first time.

    The view at night is even better. I was bummed that I didn’t wake up early enough to watch the sunrise but I got to watch the beautiful sunset. It took a while for me to sleep the first night because I had to slowly get used to the sound of water right outside our suite. It’s like your own little beach house but my paranoid self kept wondering if we were safe . We were. They have a night security guard that goes round and it’s generally peaceful and calm. There are no Acs in the room because it’s so cold and airy at night you might not even switch on the fan. They had a comfy blanket laid out for us which we used even without turning on the fan.

    As I mentioned, this is an eco-friendly lodge so they have compost toilets which was intriguing. All toilets are ecological sanitation (EcoSan) toilets. EcoSan toilets are above ground units that recycle human waste, and use natural processes to transform that waste into a safe, organic compost and fertilizer. I was curious but slightly worried about how that would be like because I can’t use toilets unless they are squeaky clean but this was strangely interesting. The bathroom was super clean and smelled lovely. There was a bag of wooden shavings in there with a big laddle and a sign that tells you how many scoops you need anytime you use the toilet. It’s two scoops. The shavings actually smell great so I suspect it was sprinkled with some lovely scent. There was no period the bathroom smelled bad, no point at all so I guess it being open-air helps. Weirdly enough, I miss that experience. Drew didn’t need to use it because he’s in diapers and DJ used it only to pee because he had his potty so it was mainly used by just the adults.

    If you’re going there with kids, it’s important to be careful at all times since there’s water all around the lodge. We bought some cute life jackets for them from @hisloveresources on ig

    We also went with a variety of beach toys and hooded beach towels we bought from Dejoy a while ago. Scooping sand, moulding shapes kept them so busy but they loved showering after playing in the sand even more.

    What I love most is that it’s extremely reasonably priced and profits from the lodge goes to their sister NGO, Dream Big Ghana to help bring sanitation and educational opportunities to Dzita and Dzita- Agbledomi, the communities there. They’ve been doing that for years now . It’s great to know that once you pay for your stay, you’re also contributing towards a great cause . We can’t wait to go back again in the future .

    October 28, 2020 4 comments
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