I am not being paid for this, so I want you to be assured that everything mentioned here is my honest review of products that I love and have found to be very useful and where to get them. This is solely to help moms-to-be and other moms who genuinely want to know where to get their baby items from.

Now that we knew the gender of our baby, we could finally start preparing the nursery. To be honest, I had already started in May during my first trimester when I bought the light for his room. I had gone to Orca to buy “a few things” for the house and managed to leave with a whole light installation for my unborn baby. Later on, I decided to control my impatient self and waited till the final trimester to get the rest of the things.

For the colours of the nursery, I settled on light grey with white accents and hints of baby blue. I wanted a subtle forest theme, so I had Vellis Creativity (@vellis_creativity) come in to do the paint job. They did an exquisite job painting a white tree over a grey wall with little blue birds around it and little white leaves all around the room, just like I had envisioned. I had Una Agency make the curtains and voile for the room. I also had a brown wardrobe in the room which didn’t quite match the theme and so I considered getting a small white wardrobe but that didn’t make financial sense. I decided to have the wardrobe painted all white instead, which worked perfectly. Now it was time to fill the room.

The first items we got, were the crib and the glider. I got these two from Fusion Baby (@fusionbabygh). What I loved about this crib was the fact that it could be converted to a toddler bed as your baby grows. It didn’t come with a mattress though, so I had to order that from Ashfoam which was ready in 3 days. The glider is the second best item I got. It is so comfy! It’s perfect for feeding and then rocking him to sleep. Funny enough, anyone who sat in it said that they could naturally fall asleep in it. It’s worth every pesewa. Both items had to be assembled, so thank God Kobby is the type who actually reads manuals and likes to assemble stuff. We had a carpenter make a bed in the nursery as well because of all the ridiculous prices of beds we saw in the shops. He did a pretty good job. I also wanted a silver metal decal in the cursive letters “DJ” on the wall right above the crib. Haizels Atelier (@haizels_atelier) nailed exactly the look I was going for. Now let’s move on to the baby products.

Listen, let me keep it real. Having a baby is expensive. I am not trying to scare anyone, but it’s very important to plan financially towards having one especially if you would like them to be as comfortable as possible. That being said, it does NOT mean you have to go out and buy EVERY SINGLE baby item on the market. There is a product for EVERYTHING! I’M SERIOUS! Kobby actually bought knee pads for the baby because someone had convinced him that they were essential for a baby to crawl with to prevent darkness around the knees. I don’t know how true that is but this is an example of what I mean. I went online one night to google the baby products I needed and I was flustered!  Don’t do that. Don’t. You will be overwhelmed with products and brands and most of them you really don’t need. I was also unsure as to whether it would be possible to get all the stuff I needed here in Ghana and how authentic the things would be. There is a lot of imitation out there and you wouldn’t want to put your baby at risk. So the next morning, I decided to call a pleasant lady I had heard very good things about on a whatsapp group I was on. I was told she sold authentic baby items from the UK (@diapersonwheelsbycm). She suggested that I get the items on my hospital list (the hospital had already given that to me) and then walked me through the other items mothers have found useful. She even suggested another vendor I could buy some of the items from that she didn’t have in stock. She was the one who actually introduced me to Fusion Baby and it was refreshing to see a woman supporting another woman who was in the same business.
For the brands of feeding bottles, I was torn between Tommee Tippee and Avent but after a few days of constantly watching Youtube videos and reviews, I settled on Tommee Tippee.
Avent is still a great brand and some babies prefer their bottles to Tommee Tippee. There are also other equally good brands out there, but these are the popular ones you find here so it made sense to choose between these two. Now that I had settled on them, I got the full set: Bottles, Bottle brush, Electric steam sterilizer, Breast pump, Bottle warmer, Insulated bottle bags (for keeping the milk warm in the bottle when you’re out) , Grooming Kit (which includes nail clippers, thermometer, nasal aspirator, nail file, scissors, comb and hairbrush). I also got a baby carrier, bouncy seat, fabric conditioner and a box of diapers (I settled strictly on Pampers because of reviews) all from Diapersonwheels.

Again, from Fusion Baby, I got; milk storage bags(for keeping excess breastmilk in the fridge) crib bumper, baby monitor(video), washcloths, sound spa (which has proved to be an absolute saviour in helping my baby sleep continuously for long hours-sometimes 8 hours, because the white noise blocks out all external noise), Aveeno bath Products and body cream(  because it’s organic and so soothing for his skin). The not so essential stuff that were still helpful were the baby hangers and closet dividers( which partition the clothes according to months), the hot safe duck which checks the temperature of the bath water before putting your baby in) and boogie wipes for stuffed noses. I also got a cute puppy outfit which I intended to use for his first photo shoot. For myself, I bought postpartum recovery essentials like Earth Mama Bottom spray, bottom balm, nipple cream and bath herbs  (it’s organic and really helps with healing after birth).

I had already bought bath towels and blankets. I also heard about Baby Bliss (@babyblissgh) and decided to try them out. I later found out I knew the owner which was a very pleasant surprise. I got crib sheets, baby pillow and a box of wipes. For myself, I bought breastfeeding nighties, nursing bras and its pads (to prevent milk leakage) from Bumps n Us.

We got the rest of the stuff like infant car seat, crib mobile, burp cloths and bath sponge from DEJOY in East Legon. I also got a baby tub and changing board from Orca which can sit on the crib and makes changing way easier. It’s also very sturdy. We decided against getting any clothes, socks, hats or bibs till after my baby shower because I knew I would get a lot of those. This pretty much sums up everything.

Hopefully if you’re looking for any of these items, you know where to go to. What made this a dream come true was the fact that they were all right here in Ghana, they sold genuine stuff, and most of them delivered straight to my door step and each of these owners were so pleasant to talk to. A breath of fresh air from the usual poor customer service we have here. If you’re yet to have a baby, don’t be overwhelmed by the many items listed here, just follow your hospital list and buy them in bits. This is just a list of some of the stuff that I got that I liked a lot and those may not necessarily be your preference and that’s okay. The real gift is the baby and I truly wish all moms and moms-to –be the best in this beautiful journey. No one was born a mother, we’re all learning….

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  1. Dear Eno, this is amazing, I am really grateful for the insight this blog gives. I just love the blog! Honestly I am freaking out about having a baby so I just love that I can get a new mom’s perspective.

    1. You’re most welcome Ruth! Try not to worry too much. It seems scary but it’s soooo worth it in the end❤️

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