I was in my final lap. I was done with the nursery, the maternity photo-shoot, our anniversary, my birthday, my baby shower and I was STILL pregnant! I had done everything I had been looking forward to and more and now all I could do was wait. I was now in November and I still had about 30 days to go. That’s a whole month! I was 36 weeks now and if I gave birth, he would be a preterm baby so he had to bake some more.

I was now waddling. I couldn’t believe it as it was happening. I woke up one day with extreme pressure in my abdomen. It’s the same feeling you have when your bladder is full and you really need to pee. Imagine feeling like that every time you walk. Every time I walked, I felt I was carrying something heavy between my legs. The baby had dropped significantly low and I knew I was ready to pop any day now but WHEN??!! I couldn’t even go to church anymore because well, I’m Catholic and there’s a lot of bending and kneeling and standing and sitting and more standing and I just couldn’t add that to my stress. I would also have to leave to the bathroom every 10 minutes anyway so I would miss most of the important stuff. I decided it would just be best to stay home and read my bible.

My hospital bags were packed (mine and the baby’s), I even had my “baby on board” sticker already on my car, his crib had been laid, everything had been bought and I was now starting to get stuff I didn’t even need out of boredom. I had grown so impatient! I was uncomfortable, my emotions were all over the place and I JUST NEEDED TO MEET MY BABY! It wasn’t helping when people kept asking and making remarks like “ Eno when are you due again?” “I feel like you’ve been pregnant forever” “Eno don’t tell me you’re still pregnant”. I didn’t blame them. I felt the same way, but to be fair, pregnancy is 40 weeks ie 10 months and that’s almost a year. I had to constantly remind myself of that.

I was also very nervous. I had questions. What if I’m at home alone one day and my water breaks and Kobby’s at work? What do I do? Now that I had opted for natural birth, how painful was it going to be? I had been told it was painful but how painful exactly? Menstrual cramps pain or more than that? Would I be able to take that amount of pain? Will I be the same after giving birth? Emotionally, psychologically and physically? What kind of mother would I be? Could I really take care of another life? Was I ready? How different was my marriage going to be?

You see, after a few months of marriage I met someone I knew in town. She asked “How is marriage?” and I answered “Well it’s fine but it’s full of responsibilities”. She laughed and said “How? Are you guys not just playing house?”. That statement was funny because I knew she didn’t have a clue about what she was talking about. Most guys are like your first born. You take care of them like you would your baby. Before I got married, I only cared about myself and my business. I would wake up anytime I wanted and went about my life. I had to make an adjustment when I got married. Kobby was now my number one priority and responsibility. I make sure he’s healthy and well and he also takes care of me. I manage my business and also the home and it took a while but I finally got the hang of it. This has always been our dynamic, so we knew some adjustments had to be made and we had to be ready for that. It might seem like nothing, but realistically it’s a big deal. I needed the perfect balance of having time for the kids while maintaining a good relationship in my marriage. That was very important to me and I had learnt lessons from others I didn’t want to repeat.

Now if this baby will just make his debut, that would be nice. Anyday now…

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