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written by Nana Aba Anowa August 24, 2020

My name is Nana Aba Anowa. I am a mother of 2 amazing children.
A 4 year old prince and a 2 year old princess. lol.

I did not set out to start this business, actually I never thought I would venture into something like this.
But when I had my boy and he turned 6 months I was looking for some natural cereals to buy for him seeing that the ones at the weighing centers did not have what I could relate to.
So I got one in Nigeria and contacted them. They did not have a distributor in Ghana at that time and offered me that deal. I took it and went at it for about a year or a little more.
But some challenges came up and it was getting expensive and I was also concerned about the safety of the foods since it sometimes got here broken and all. (long story)

As time went on, I realized there was actually enough resources to produce world class cereals with our local grains here in Ghana. We would be giving employment to all the people along the value chain of my work,( from farmers, to market women, and everyone even those who buy to go and resell.) In that way, I will be contributing my own quota to the development of the Ghanaian economy (being a citizen not a spectator)
So that is how the dream started for me.

I contacted some nutritionists and midwives about the combinations and I was guided. I did a few samples, gave to my kids and a few kids of friends and relatives and here we are now.

The name of my business is Treasured Tummy Foods.
We produce the best combination of cereals on the Ghanaian market.
We use only natural grains and seeds in their right proportions with your child’s nutrition in mind…No preservatives no additives.

The journey has not been easy but it has been worthwhile.
Having to juggle my 9 to 5, motherhood and this. And having to give up a lot of my pleasures to save enough money to be able to finance it from scratch has been a hurdle.

The joy and fulfilment however comes when I get the amazing testimonies from moms about how their kids are eating and healthy and they did not have to break the bank, because our cereals are not expensive (real value for money).

I give all glory to God who has given me the strength and a great support system in the form of my parents and husband who help me out with my kids.Without them, I think I would have given up on this dream by now.
This business has really helped me discover myself and challenge myself a lot. I do not regret doing it all.

The phrase that my dad tells me everyday comes to play here….

“Within you is the power”.

Sounds cliche but it is very true.We are limitless. Your only limit is yourself.

Instagram @treasuredtummy.gh

Facebook Treasured Tummies
Contact Number: 0245981996

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