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written by Eno May 15, 2019

So what’s it like having two kids(boys) under two years you ask?


As I’ve already mentioned in my previous posts, I got pregnant with my second son when my first was just 3 months old. So basically, throughout my second and third trimester I was juggling pregnancy and motherhood, which by the way, I was still figuring out and still am. Do you really ever fully figure it out?

Once I popped out the second baby, the real work was about to begin. Let’s start with their personalities

• They are both loud and extremely energetic
• They have very good appetites
• They both love to smile

• DJ can sleep instantly for long hours- Drew takes a long while to fall asleep
• DJ drooled a lot and still does- Drew doesn’t drool much
• DJ hardly cried as a baby- Drew cries all the time
• DJ refuses to be cuddled- Drew loves to be cuddled and held as long as possible
• DJ loved pacifiers- Drew likes to suck all 4 fingers at once
• DJ always loved sleeping in his crib- Drew loves my chest (but has been moved permanently into his crib)

In conclusion, these two babies are pretty much polar opposites but I raise them both the same for now, while taking note of their personalities.


• Wake up at 6am
• Quiet time, brush my teeth, take dry dishes off dish rack , make breakfast
• Mix DJ’s milk and add his multivitamin (WellBaby)
• Hand him his milk while I get his clothes, socks and shoes ready. I pack his backpack with a fresh washcloth and towel , a change of clothes and then add his bottle of water.
• Feed Drew (who would be up by now, either playing in his cot ie kicking his legs and making sounds or crying
• Bath him, brush his teeth and dress him up
• Get Drew ready as well and drop him off at my parent’s.
• Drop DJ off at school. He has breakfast there. However, when he’s late, I feed him breakfast at home.
• Pick Drew up and head home
• Workout (while Drew is either sitting in his bumbo seat or doing his tummy time)
• Bath
• Bath Drew
• Dress him up
• Feed him
• Cut his finger and toenails if it’s grown (this can only be done when he’s full otherwise its not happening.) This is done once every two weeks.
• Sit him in his bumbo seat while I clean his bath, hang his washcloth and towels.
• Change his sheets if they are dirty (this is done once a week but could happen more than once in case its soiled with milk or urine or even poo in rare cases
• Laundry
• Put him down for a nap
• Work on schoolwork, online store, invoices for rentals for the week, social media etc
• Watch tv and have a short me time

◦ Fix lunch for myself and get Dj’s lunch ready
◦ Pick Dj up from school (sometimes do a few rounds before I do that or grocery shopping)
◦ Feed DJ
◦ Play a little bit with him building blocks, playing with his toy cars, etc (weekdays playtimes are brief since he’s done a lot on school and is it a bit tired
◦ Drew wakes up. Change his diaper
◦ Feed Drew
◦ Put him on his back for a while and then after a while, tummy time
◦ Fold dry baby laundry and hang clothes in their closet

◦ Dinner
◦ Wipe Drew and dress him up
◦ Feed DJ
◦ Bath DJ , dress him up, brush his teeth
◦ Put Dj to bed
◦ Put Drew to bed
◦ Clear up the toys ,wash bottles, dishes etc
◦ Watch Tv and rest
◦ Bath, brush my teeth
◦ Bedtime

These were the tasks completed by Kobby and I (mostly me lol). This is for weekdays. Weekends are more hectic but sometimes I’m slightly more flexible with the order. Dj’s fingernails and toenails are also cut occasionally. Sometimes just to escape the constant routine, we have longer playtime in the afternoon or we simply go out.

Thankfully, after a year and a half of this struggle, I finally got a nanny. I have always been hands-on and by hands-on, I mean, done everything by myself. So it was tough, getting help and getting the right kind. However, it got unbearably exhausting and I knew I needed to make that decision for my own sanity. Now, she does majority of the above listed (under supervision of course) and I get to rest a bit more and be more productive work-wise which has helped.

DJ acted up a lot once his baby brother arrived. He suddenly wanted to be carried everywhere. Some days he refused to walk and would crawl everywhere. Tantrums, Tantrums, Tantrums! He would throw himself on the ground when he was refused something he wanted. This could happen on any surface at all…outside on the gravel, the lawn, the bare floor, carpet , anywhere at all. He copied the exact tone and pitch of his baby brother’s cry and would cry the same way. He would also “playfully “hit his brother on the face or pull off his socks or squeeze his toes till the poor baby cries. These things are still happening to this day but he is gradually adjusting.


Dj is surprisingly affectionate towards his brother. He always goes straight to his brother’s crib, pulls down the bumper and takes a sneak peek at him. He also kisses and hugs him. It’s the cutest thing…..


As I’ve mentioned previously, I try to follow a schedule with their nap and bed times. Naps are so important especially for toddlers because they become extremely cranky and irritable when they don’t nap. Anytime DJ acts out, I know he’s sleepy. To make it easier, I synced their bedtimes and this is how I went about it. For DJ, he has no issue with sleep, so I simply lay him down, cover him with his blanket and rub his back for a short while and he dozes off. At first, he was extremely dependent on the pacifier to sleep, but after taking that away and a couple of days of crying, he has gotten over it and sleeps on his own. Some days when he finds it hard to sleep, I rub around his eye in a circular motion continuously for about 3-4 minutes. While doing so, he blinks a lot and his eyelid gets tired, his eyes eventually shut and just like that, he’s asleep.
With Drew I try to wear him out with his tummy time and supported sitting. I also keep him active by laying him face up so he can kick and play on his own. Once he does this close to bedtime, he’s wiped and fed and then I lay him down for bed. I also rub his back which allows him to burp some more and then he eventually falls asleep.


Anytime we have to go out, there is always so much prep! Play dates, visits to the playground or grandparents has to be planned and prepped hours ahead of time. Lunch bag needs to be packed with snacks, diaper bag has to be packed with extra diapers, change of clothes, baby bottles and all other necessities. Then we have to get dressed and get them dressed as well. Some days, we can all get ready to leave but then realize one child or both may have pooped and need to be changed or Drew’s entire outfit has to be changed because he threw up in it.

You can be the most organized and scheduled mom out there, but just note that kids are unpredictable and they can just switch up on you occasionally so be prepared for that. I know that I’ll have much more to say once they are both toddlers but for now, this is my reality.

This journey hasn’t been the easiest but certainly the most rewarding. Wishing all mothers, soon-to-be moms, aunts, grandmas, or any one at all who has played a mother role in any way, a very happy Mother’s Day! God bless you all.

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Ama May 15, 2019 - 5:19 pm

Well done Eno! Mother of boys ?

Eno May 16, 2019 - 10:42 am

Haha! Thanks!

Akua May 16, 2019 - 8:26 pm

I’m a soon – to – be mom n u have been glued to ur blog

Eno May 29, 2019 - 12:14 am

Lovely! Glad you’re enjoying it!

Akua May 16, 2019 - 8:27 pm

I’m a soon – to – be mom n I have been glued to ur blog. I just followed you on Instagram today.

Rosie Khan May 29, 2019 - 11:18 pm

Two strong and healthy boys! Well Done

Eno May 31, 2019 - 2:42 pm

Thank you !!

Joannie June 10, 2019 - 9:16 pm

Well done dear! I have my second born (boy )coming in next month gGodwilling . My first born who is also a boy will be a year and five months by then. I know it’s certainly not going to be easy. Just psyching myself for that phase! Learnt a lot from your post too.
Thanks a lot and God bless our hussel!

Eno June 11, 2019 - 11:19 am

You’re most welcome. All the best swty! It’s not easy at all but you’ll definitely push through

Maabena October 1, 2019 - 12:11 pm

Thans for sharing. I know I’m late but…
I had an 18month and a new born . It was crazy during pregnancy and after as shes very hyperactive. I am still surprised how I have maintained my sanity. I want to do it all without help yet I snap when I feel hubby isn’t helping enough (to be fair he tries). Since they both reject the crib, we co sleep….me with the baby and hubby with toddler in separate rooms Hopefully will change that soon when baby sleeps thru the night. How do u maintain your relationship with your partner with this kind of craze. It’s working for us but I sometimes just wonder how to improve things.

Eno October 20, 2019 - 7:30 am

Yes it can be crazy at home somtimes.I know EXACTLY what you mean about getting upset and snapping. I will say that finally getting help really improved things. I like to do everyyything myself but I soon realized I needed that extra hand. so far the assistance has been good and helped me take better care of myself as well (emotionally and mentally) eventhough i still oversee everything. Date nights have also played a very significant role in spicing things up. We plan with my mom or mom-in law in advance and they take care of them while we are away for a few hours and it always puts me in a good mood

Tracey October 2, 2019 - 3:42 pm

How come I didn’t know about this blog! This is so insightful and I’m so glad I found it. Good Job Eno, this is amazing!

Eno October 20, 2019 - 7:32 am

Thanks so much Tracey! I actually thought you did lol. Enjoy reading!


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